Moving Light Hanger

Moving Light Hangers are a City Theatrical exclusive. Long running shows that utilize a lot of moving lights (think Broadway, Las Vegas, theme parks, or cruise ships) regularly remove moving lights from the rig for repair and maintenance. Unless the new fixture is placed in exactly the same spot as the old one, refocusing is required. 
City Theatrical Moving Light Hangers allow moving lights to be swapped out with the new light in absolutely the same place as the old one. The key to the design is a tapered alignment seat that locks dead on, removing all possible variation.

Moving-light-hangers1 Moving-light-hangers2 Moving-light-hangers3 Moving-light-hangers4



Photo  Name P/N Use
 138 tee slot with integral split coupler Tee Slot with Integral Split Coupler
 138 Hang from pipe
 137 tee slot for unistrut Tee Slot for Unistrut®
 137 Hang from Unistrut
 Tee Slot P/N 130 Tee Slot
 130 Hang from scenery
 Tee Head P/N 135 Tee Head
 135 Attach to moving light or conventional light fixture


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