DMX iris

DMX Iris

The City Theatrical DMX iris is a simple way of motorizing your lighting fixture so it can change beam spreads as an effect in your show. You could have a gobo that is revealed as you open the iris, or just change the size of a pool of light on stage. Our DMX Iris is based on our proven and reliable AutoYoke Iris, and features incoloy leaves and brass fittings to withstand heat and corrosion. It is driven by a stainless steel chain. One DMX channel is used.

Part Number  Name
2192 DMX Iris for Source Four*  
2199 Power Supply for up to 2 Irises  


*Does not include Power Supply

Additional Information

  • Based on the proven and reliable AutoYoke® iris
  • Plugs into a 24V DC power supply (such as Forerunner™ or ChromaQ™) with a four pin cable
  • Units can daisy chain to scrollers or to other DMX Irises
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