Follow Spot Yoke

City Theatrical designed the Follow Spot Yoke for lighting designer Ken Posner for the Broadway production of Wicked, and it has been used on hundreds of shows, tours, and installation since then.

City Theatrical Follow Spot Yokes are very stable, smooth, pan and tilt yokes that rivals yokes costing thousands of dollars. The pan and tilt mechanisms feature high quality bearings for smooth movement, and the placement of the lighting fixture can be varied forward or backward to achieve perfect balance without counterweights or springs. A variety of accessories are available to make your yoke into a fully functioning follow spot. Although this is a perfect yoke for schools and churches, it is also used on a daily basis on many Broadway shows in side spot or truss locations.


Part Number Name
  ETC Source Four Original:
1501 Follow Spot Yoke for Source Four (EU)
1360 Follow Spot Handle for Source Four
1520 Follow Spot Yoke Handle
  ETC Source Four LED 1 or 2:
1503 Follow Spot Yoke for Source Four LED Series 1 or 2 (EU)
1505 Source Four to Source Four LED Retrofit Kit 
1522 Follow Spot Yoke Handle for Source Four LED Series 1 or 2
  ETC Source Four LED Series 3:
1507 New! Follow Spot Yoke for Source Four LED Series 3 (EU)
 New! Follow Spot Yoke Handle for Source Four LED Series 3
1515 Follow Spot Yoke for Chauvet Ovation Ellipsoidal

  Other Follow Spot Yoke products:
 Follow Spot Pan Bearing (when sold as a separate item)
1410 Drop in Boomerang for Source Four
1415 Boomerang Handle
2180 Drop in Iris for Source Four

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