Safer Sidearms™

Load-rated City Theatrical Safer Sidearms safely support heavier modern lighting fixtures.

Safer Sidearms (City Theatrical P/Ns 200, 202, 204, 210, 210M, 211, 220, and 290) use a diagonal brace to transfer the load off the clamp and onto the vertical pipe, making them stronger and safer to use. Steel Safer Sidearms are bigger and more rugged, designed for speakers and moving lights.

All City Theatrical Safer Sidearms are CE certified and RoHS compliant.

EC Certificate of Conformity  RoHS Compliant

The safe working load for Safer Sidearms P/Ns 200, 202, 204, 220 (Safer Sidearms and Safer Sidearm Jr) is 50lbs. (22.68kg).

The safe working load for P/N 210 (Steel Safer Sidearm) and 290 (Pipe End Tail Down) is 200lbs. (90.72kg), with a maximum three foot long arm.

Safe working load for P/N 210M (Better Boom Arm) is 100lbs. (45.36kg).







 Safe Working Load (SWL) 





Safer Sidearms Original (uses ½” Schedule 40 steel pipe)


 200 Safer Sidearms

  50 lbs. 

Safer Sidearm Originals (P/N 200, 202, and 204) are designed to replace the c-clamp on a standard sidearm. The units incorporate a half coupler and a vertical brace to create stability and are designed to transfer the weight load back to the structural pipe.




Safer Sidearm Original with 18” of ½” pipe and one sliding tee


 202 Safer Sidearms

 50 lbs.



Safer Sidearms Original with 24” of ½” pipe and two sliding tees


 204 Safer Sidearms

 50 lbs.



Steel Safer Sidearms (uses 1½” Schedule 40 steel pipe, not included)


 210 Safer Sidearms

 200 lbs. with 3' arm  

Steel Safer Sidearms (P/N 210) are used to hang speakers or moving lights.




Better Boom Arm (uses 48mm aluminum tube, pipe not included)



 100 lbs. with 3' arm  

Better Boom Arm only (no pipe) P/N 210M is available in Europe only.




1½” pipe (per foot) drilled for Safer Sidearms




1½” pipe only (P/N 211).





Safer Sidearms Junior


 220 Safer Sidearms

  50 lbs. 

Safer Sidearm Junior (P/N 220) augments a standard sidearm by adding a vertical brace to an existing sidearm.




Pipe End Tail Down (includes 6 feet of 1½” pipe)


 290 Safer Sidearms

  200 lbs. 

Pipe End Tail Down (P/N 290) allows a pipe to be hung vertically and perpendicular to a horizontal theatre hanging position. It uses a double pipe clamp to attach to the structural pipe and comes with a six-foot piece of 1 ½” pipe and a 3/16” safety cable with shackle through the pipe.


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