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I. Device Requirements for DMXcat


General: Bluetooth ≥ 4.0 

Android: Android ≥ 6.0

iPhones: iOS 11 or greater (iPhone 6s and newer)


Not optimized for tablets  



II. Before Setting Up Your DMXcat

​Download the DMXcat® app from the App Store or Google Play, and install it on your smartphone. 

WARNING: Do not let DMXcat rest against hot fixtures or surfaces.


DMXcat accessories
What's in the Box

The DMXcat comes with an DLR5F Connector, Belt Clip, and more.

DMXcat diagram
Product details



III. Getting Started with DMXcat

These six steps will get you on your way.

Turning on your DMXcat

Turn on the device by pressing the power button- the LED status indicator will flash green.

DMXcat launch app icon

Launch the DMXcat app. The main menu screen will appear showing four icons (two icons on iPhones).

Scanning for DMXcat

The app scans for nearby devices. The lower status bar indicates when the DMXcat is found.

DMXcat Settings

Press the “SETTINGS” menu on the upper status bar, and select "Device List" and select your DMXcat. The SN to identify your DMXcat is located on the back of the device.

Connect DMXcat to Smartphone

The App connects the smartphone to the device. When the connection is made, the LED indicator will glow steady green, and the lower status bar will display “Connected”.

Press to Disconnect DMXcat

Press the “LINK” icon to disconnect the DMXcat. Press and hold the power button until the LED indicator flashes four times. *Note: You must disconnect the DMXcat from the smartphone before it will power down.



IV. DMXcat Applications

DMXcat has eight applications to choose from.

DMX Controller Keypad View




• The DMX Controller is used to control a single universe of DMX slots.

• Tapping the screen once will zoom in on a section of addresses.

• Tapping again will show you a keypad, where DMX values can be changed.

• In the settings menu, you can change this display to show sliders instead of a keypad, and percent (0-100%) or decimal (0-255) 

• A preset can be saved and named in the top right corner, and it can be recalled from the same menu. Swipe left to remove a preset.


Go to "Settings" to choose the view.

DMX Controller Sliders View


DMX Controller Live View

0-100 (%) OR 1-255 (DECIMAL)

Fixture Controller



• The Fixture Controller is used to control a single fixture using a DMX profile, or new! multiple fixtures (learn to set up the Multi Fixture feature in FAQ Section II Q4 below).

• Choose a fixture using the database menu.

• Each fixture can be added to a list of favorites with the star button in the bottom left.

• After selecting the fixture, choose the starting DMX address of the fixture, and press “Next” and the fixture’s user interface appears.

• To see more pages of parameters, swipe to the right or tap the small page indicators at the bottom of the screen. 

Fixture Controller



• The Personality Editor is found in the Fixture Controller app, in the sub menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

• To get started making a personality, press the “+” button, and an encoder wheel will appear. press “Edit” and fill in the information for the DMX slot that you are working with.   When you’re done with the data for this DMX slot, hit “save”, then hit “+” to add another attribute.  Continue on until you are done.  In the pull down menu in the upper right hand corner you will add the Manufacturer Name, Fixture Name, and Personality Name.   When you exit, the Editor prompt will ask if you want to save your changes.  

• To edit an existing personality to create a new one, load a personality that is similar to the one you want, then enter the Personality Editor and make the changes you want.  You will need to enter a Manufacturer Name, Fixture Name, and Personality Name for this new personality. 
• Your custom personalities live on your “Favourites” menu in the Fixture Controller app.  •To delete a custom personality from your Favourites, click on the Favourite on the Favourites menu, and “unstar” it.  

• It is not possible at this time to share my custom personalities with others.   And it is not possible to download custom personalities from a DMXcat to a console, or from a console to a DMXcat.

*Note:  We add new fixtures to the database as soon as we are aware of them.  Utilise the email function inside DMXcat to reach us directly to let us know your fixture needs in the database. 

Fixture Controller



• When the app is opened, it will automatically search for any connected RDM compatible fixtures.

• The “Identify” option will cause the fixture to flash, or identify itself in some way.

• The “RDM” option allows the user to change the DMX address, mode, and various other options.

•The “DMX” option will automatically load the fixture’s user interface.

Fixture Controller



• “Analyse DMX”, “View Levels” and “Flicker Finder” require the use of the male to male XLR turnaround that we included with your DMXcat.

• The “Receive” and “Transmit” functions allow the user to read, or to change several parameters involved with DMX timing.

• “View Levels” show the levels sent from a console in real time.

• The “Flicker Finder” function allows the user to find the source of any DMX Flicker on the DMX universe by setting levels and noting if any levels have changed.

Fixture Controller



• Either type in a DMX value to read the corresponding to DIP switch, or vice versa.

 • The "Step Size" allows the user to step up in address by a fixed amount, allowing for quick addressing of multiple fixtures as once. 

 • Use the arrows to flip the display left to right or up and down. 

Fixture Controller





The Light Meter gives a readout of the current LUX and Lumen/ft2 from the light sensor on any Android phone.

RF Spectrum Analyzer




The RF Spectrum Analyser scans the 2.4GHz band for any Wi-Fi signals, and displays them in a graph by both strength and frequency.


V. Instructions for Set Up

Two useful steps to get you up and running.

DMXcat Quick Start Guide
How to Connect

Connect the DMXcat device to a standard 5V DC phone charger using the USB to Micro USB charging cable. The LED status indicator will glow red to indicate that the unit is charging. When finished charging the indicator will turn off.

Device Finder
Device Finder

Pressing the Device Finder control icon on the lower status bar, will cause the unit to beep and flash to aid in finding a misplaced unit.



VI. DMXcat Accessories

6000 DMXcat with XLR5F Connector

6000 - DMXcat with XLR5F Connector

6005 5-Pin DMX Male to RJ45 Adapter for DMXcat

6005 - XLR5M to RJ45 Adapter

6006 5-Pin DMX Male to 3-Pin DMX Female Adapter for DMXcat

6006 - XLR5M to XLR3F Adapter

6007 XLR5M to XLR5M Turnaround for DMXcat

6007 - XLR5M to XLR5M Turnaround

6008 5-Pin DMX Male to 3-Pin DMX Male Turnaround for DMXcat

6008 - XLR5M to XLR3M Turnaround

6009 DMXcat pouch

6009 - DMXcat Belt Pouch

6010 USB to Micro USB cable, 6”

6010 - USB to Micro USB cable, 6"



VII. DMXcat Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started

DMXcat FAQs Getting Started



VIII. DMXcat Frequently Asked Questions: Fixture Controller

DMXcat FAQs Fixture Controller



IX. DMXcat Frequently Asked Questions: RDM Controller

DMXcat FAQs RDM Controller



X. DMXcat Frequently Asked Questions: DMX Tools

DMXcat FAQs DMX Tools



XI. DMXcat Frequently Asked Questions: Personality Editor

DMXcat FAQs Personality Editor



XII. DMXcat Tips and Tricks

DMXcat Tips and Tricks from Tech Support



DMXcat Resources


6000 DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool
DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool

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DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool
DMXcat Brochure

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Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM White over Navy logo
Multiverse Brochure

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DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool
Multi Fixture Feature

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Get Started
DMXcat Tip for Identifying Fixtures
Tips and Tricks

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DMXcat on Amazon Fire
Personality Editor

Learn how to edit personalities in DMXcat.

6008 5-Pin DMX Male to 3-Pin DMX Male Turnaround for DMXcat

6008 - XLR5M to XLR3M Turnaround

6009 DMXcat pouch

6009 - DMXcat Belt Pouch

6010 USB to Micro USB cable, 6”

6010 - USB to Micro USB cable, 6"