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Candle Lite™ Unlimited (Legacy Product)

Real flames are very tightly regulated in live entertainment for safety reasons, often requiring special permits. Candles are often called for scripts.

City Theatrical Candle Lite Unlimited flicker candles are an excellent way of simulating live candles on stage. They are remarkably realistic from a few feet away and can be dimmed with standard stage dimmers. They also can be hand held and battery operated and have a built in on-off switch.

A City Theatrical Candle Lite kit is the circuit board, flame tip, and wiring, without the plastic candle shell, and can be used to create custom lanterns, votives, and props. 

Read more in our Candle Lite FAQs.

*Note: Candle Lite LED flicker candles will no longer manufactured. We recommend the incandescent candles as they are more realistic.

Part Number Name 
3450 Candle Kit (Incandescent) - Legacy Product
  3450 Candle Kit Incandescent
3451 Candle Kit (LED) - Legacy Product
  3451 Candle Kit LED
3470 Candle Stick (Incandescent), 5" (127mm) - Legacy Product
  3470 or 3471 Candle Stick (Incandescent or LED) 127mm (5
3471 Candle Stick (LED), 5" (127mm) - Legacy Product
    3470 or 3471 Candle Stick (Incandescent or LED) 127mm (5
3472 Candle Stick (Incandescent), 12" (305mm) - Legacy Product
  3472 or 3473 Candle Stick (Incandescent or LED) 305mm (12
3473 Candle Stick (LED), 12" (305mm) - Legacy Product
    3472 or 3473 Candle Stick (Incandescent or LED) 305mm (12

Additional Information

  • Simulates the natural flicker and movement of a candle flame
  • Incandescent for extreme realism
  • Logic circuit built in each candle
    • Candle sticks feature an on-off switch and 9v battery compartment
    • Three bulb design encased in a translucent shell
    • Operates on either 9V DC or a remote power supply
    • Lower power consumption. 150mA for Incandescent
    • Used on many Broadway shows and touring companies
    • Amazingly realistic
    Date Title Description
    pdf 10/21/2021 1030 Candle PWM Dimming City Theatrical added a 100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor (City Theatrical part number 101-00059) between J7 (+) and J3 (-) on the candle PCB. Set your dimmer PWM output frequency to 1KHz or 1.2KHz, depending on model. To use City Theatrical’s dimmers with the new modified candles, you must set the Curve and the Mode to the proper settings, which are outlined in Tech Bulletin 1030. (Only affects City Theatrical Part Numbers: 3450, 3451, 3470, 3471, 3472, and 3473 Candle Kits/Sticks.)
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