PWVIA Installation Ethernet Switches


PWVIA Installation Ethernet Switch, or VIA™ Gigabit Rack-mount Ethernet Switch with PoE, is part of the VIA™ series of Ethernet Switches are designed specifically for lighting, sound and video signal distribution in all entertainment production systems, including live shows. 

Unlike switches designed and marketed for office and communication applications, VIA switches ship unmanaged, pre-configured and optimized for entertainment network use. Advanced management features, including VLAN Support, EAPS Ring Protection, IGMP. The VIA Rack-mount switches feature robust housings that will stand up to the abuse of touring shows and theatre backstages. This Pathway Pro marked product, geared for advanced entertainment lighting system applications and is available only to authorized buyers.


There are two types of PXVIA Installation Ethernet Switches:


PWVIA24 Installation Ethernet Switch crop

New! VIA24 Installation Ethernet Switch

  • Part Number: PWVIA RM P24 RJ4510GSFPP POE

The VIA24, Pathway’s highest density VIA Ethernet Switch, delivers exceptional performance and functionality to improve the capacity and capabilities of the user’s entertainment network.

Building on the success of the VIA12 Installation Ethernet Switch, the VIA24 also includes an increased port count, including four 10G SFP+ ports, packed into a compact 1-rack unit form factor.

The main features include:

  • High Density: With 24 1G PoE ports, utilizing the internal 170W power supply, the switch provides capacity to handle your growing network demands, all within 1U of rack space.
  • Silent Operation: The VIA24 has been engineered for silent operation, ensuring that it won't be heard on stage or in the booth.
  • Front Panel UI: The switch is equipped with a user-friendly front panel interface, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through its various functions.
  • Perfect for Permanent Installations: The VIA24 is specifically designed for permanent installations, where the cost of ruggedized connectors is not needed and rack space is at a premium. This makes it ideal for theatres, houses of worship, television studios and other venues where managed entertainment networking is required.

For more information, view Pathway Connectivity's VIA24 Installation Ethernet Switch product page.


6750 VIA12

VIA, Rack-mount, 12-Ports, RJ45 EtherCON, Empty SFP Slots, PoE Enabled 

  • Part Number: PWVIA RM P12 RJ45EC SFPSLOT POE
  • Legacy Name: VIA12 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, 12 Port
  • Legacy Part Number: P6750

This twelve copper port (plus two SFP+ ports) Gigabit Ethernet Switch designed specifically for lighting, sound and video signal routing in all entertainment production systems, including live shows.

Unlike switches designed and marketed for office and communication applications, VIA12 is convection cooled and ships as an unmanaged switch, pre-configured and optimized for entertainment network use. Layer 2 and 3 management features are enabled and configured through the front panel interface and the Pathscape software suite.

For more information, view Pathway Connectivity's PWVIA PWVIA Installation Ethernet Switch product page Ethernet Switch product page.

Accessory for PWVIA Installation Ethernet Switches:

Pathway Accessory, SFP+ 850nm 10GB Ethernet Optical Transceiver

  • Part Number: PWACC SFPP


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Additional Information

  • DHCP Server
  • Bandwidth monitor per port
  • RJ45 ports support 10/100/1000Base-T speeds
  • Hardware supports PoE (some models require auxiliary power supply)
  • IGMP snooping and querier per-VLAN ensures efficient multi-cast packet routing
  • Dante-compliant QoS settings
  • Art-Net Trap and Convert eliminates network congestion caused by broadcast Art-Net signal
  • EAPS Ring Protection
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • Configurable with free Pathscape tools
Control Device Type Interface Device
Mounting Location Portable
Mounting Type Clamp
Product Type Ethernet Switch
Networkable Control Yes
Voltage Rating Low Voltage, MVOLT
# of Comm. Ports 12
Receiving Protocol Ethernet
Sending Protocol Ethernet, sACN
Dimming Protocol sACN
Compliance Listing CA Title 1.81.26, ROHS
Regulatory Listing CE, ETL
Series PWVIA

Title Description
pdf Pathway Connectivity Pathport C-Series at National Music Forum in Wroclaw, Poland The National Forum of Music (NFM), a brand-new, state-of-the-art concert venue in the heart of Wroclaw, opened on September 4th, 2015. The National Forum of Music is the largest multi-purpose center in Lower Silesia, Poland. The main aim of the center was to create a public institution comprising the Ministry of Culture and National heritage. The NFM needed to come up with a solution to help light all these separated theatres and rooms, without the hassle of cables and wiring. They chose City Theatrical wireless DMX solutions and Pathway Connectivity PATHPORT® C Series nodes in the NFM installation. “In our current situation with the National Forum of Music, we often come across the necessity of conversion of commonly used Ethernet signal into the Traditional DMX standard. The Ethernet signal simultaneously transmits multiple DMX signals and the Pathway node can isolate the desired DMX universe without the necessity of using extra power supplies- the power is being supplied by Ethernet due to POE option. The pathway node is extremely useful to use, the setting is configured from simple software from any computer. The greatest thing about the Pathway C-Series node is that it works impeccably no matter what project we’ve worked on.”
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