PWELINK Lighting Protocol Router

PWELINK Lighting Protocol Router, the eLink Network Protocol Converter-Router, is a PoE-enabled entertainment Ethernet lighting router designed to bridge two distinct Local Area Networks, capable of several functions where network isolation and security is a concern. One of many applications includes real-time DMX-over-Ethernet protocol conversion, allowing access to only certain DMX slots for a temporary/touring console, isolating lighting network data from console configuration traffic.

 As Ethernet data distribution in entertainment and architectural systems becomes more ubiquitous, tools are needed to ensure data from one system is not flooding the network causing unnecessary or unsecured traffic. eLink aids in enforcing good network practices.

For more information and documents to view or download, visit Pathway Connectivity's PWELINK Lighting Protocol Router product page.

2022 Description 2022 Part Number Legacy Description Legacy P/N
eLink Lighting Protocol Router, Rack-mount, 2-Ports, RJ45 EtherCON, Rear Panel Connectors


eLink Network Protocol Converter/Router, rear etherCON



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Additional Information

  • Two etherCON network ports on different LANs; the Primary Port being 1Gb PoE-enabled for powering the device
  • Secondary Ethernet Port is 100Mb, typically connected to the downstream network
  • The Primary Port can optionally loopback converted protocols on the main networks when physical isolation of data is not needed for single LAN systems
  • Contact Closure Interface can be configured to freeze output stream or cease tranmission of data
  • Front Panel configuration of standard patches using sACN, Secure sACN, Art-Net, Strand ShowNet, and Pathport Protocol
  • Pathscape configuration allows custom slot-by-slot patching, merging and prioritizing multiple sources
  • Pathport-style signal loss behaviors including Hold Last Look, Fade and Port Shutdown
  • Supports a matrix of 128 inputs by 16 outputs of Network DMX data simultaneously using five industry protocols
Control Device Type Gateway
Mounting Location Portable
Mounting Type Clamp, Desktop, Rack Mount, Surface
Product Type Bridge
Networkable Control Yes
Voltage Rating Low Voltage
# of Comm. Ports 2
Receiving Protocol Dry Contact, Ethernet, sACN
Sending Protocol Ethernet, sACN
Dimming Protocol sACN
Compliance Listing CA Title 1.81.26, ROHS
Regulatory Listing CE
Title Description
pdf Pathway Connectivity Pathport C-Series at National Music Forum in Wroclaw, Poland The National Forum of Music (NFM), a brand-new, state-of-the-art concert venue in the heart of Wroclaw, opened on September 4th, 2015. The National Forum of Music is the largest multi-purpose center in Lower Silesia, Poland. The main aim of the center was to create a public institution comprising the Ministry of Culture and National heritage. The NFM needed to come up with a solution to help light all these separated theatres and rooms, without the hassle of cables and wiring. They chose City Theatrical wireless DMX solutions and Pathway Connectivity PATHPORT® C Series nodes in the NFM installation. “In our current situation with the National Forum of Music, we often come across the necessity of conversion of commonly used Ethernet signal into the Traditional DMX standard. The Ethernet signal simultaneously transmits multiple DMX signals and the Pathway node can isolate the desired DMX universe without the necessity of using extra power supplies- the power is being supplied by Ethernet due to POE option. The pathway node is extremely useful to use, the setting is configured from simple software from any computer. The greatest thing about the Pathway C-Series node is that it works impeccably no matter what project we’ve worked on.”
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