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Pathscape DMX Network Configuration and Management Software will help you unlock the benefits of the entire Pathway portfolio with Pathscape software. Pathway DMX lighting network products feature an array of features and functions to keep your high-performance lighting network running cleanly and smoothly.  Pathscape is your configuration tool and status monitor for your DMX lighting network.  All networked Pathway devices are listed in one place, in customizable display formats. Organize and sort your devices and settings in a layout that works best for you. Colorful icons show the status of the devices at-a-glance, and it’s easy to drill down and see how devices are interconnected. 

Pathscape software is a user-friendly tool that simplifies and streamlines DMX lighting network setup and management.

Firmware for all devices are bundled with the Pathscape Install.

Download Pathscape Software now:

For more information and documents to view or download, visit Pathway Connectivity's Pathscape DMX Network Configuration and Management Software product page.


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Additional Information

Pathscape v4.3 includes all the tools for the flexibility RDM has to offer.

Key Features included with Pathscape v4.3

  • RDM device offline detection
  • Restore RDM properties to your whole rig from a show file
  • Support for Queued Messages and Manufacturer Specific PIDs
  • Real-time graphical representation of sensor values
  • Manage RDM devices, across multiple ports, on one screen

Pathscape Advantages

  • Most advanced security in the lighting industry
  • The only software tool you’ll need to manage Pathway products
  • Configure hundreds of devices just as easily as one
  • Packaged with latest firmware for every Pathway device
  • Tailored for lighting technicians and field service, not corporate IT
  • User customizable views
  • Securely back-up and restore your network and device configuration
  • Real time GUI representation of wall stations
  • Freely downloadable for macOS and Windows

Compatible Products

  • Configures Pathway's product line including
    • Controllers: Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™
    • Ethernet Devices: VIA™, eLink
    • Gateways: Pathport®
    • DMX Devices: RDM Repeaters, Snap Panels, and DIN-mount interface cards (using RDM).
  • Configures any 3rd Party RDM compliant devices connected to a Pathport®

Title Description
pdf Pathway Connectivity Pathport C-Series at National Music Forum in Wroclaw, Poland The National Forum of Music (NFM), a brand-new, state-of-the-art concert venue in the heart of Wroclaw, opened on September 4th, 2015. The National Forum of Music is the largest multi-purpose center in Lower Silesia, Poland. The main aim of the center was to create a public institution comprising the Ministry of Culture and National heritage. The NFM needed to come up with a solution to help light all these separated theatres and rooms, without the hassle of cables and wiring. They chose City Theatrical wireless DMX solutions and Pathway Connectivity PATHPORT® C Series nodes in the NFM installation. “In our current situation with the National Forum of Music, we often come across the necessity of conversion of commonly used Ethernet signal into the Traditional DMX standard. The Ethernet signal simultaneously transmits multiple DMX signals and the Pathway node can isolate the desired DMX universe without the necessity of using extra power supplies- the power is being supplied by Ethernet due to POE option. The pathway node is extremely useful to use, the setting is configured from simple software from any computer. The greatest thing about the Pathway C-Series node is that it works impeccably no matter what project we’ve worked on.”
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