QolorFLEX® 4x2.5A Dimmer (Legacy Product)

City Theatrical QolorFLEX® 4x2.5A Dimmers (legacy product) provide a tiny but powerful and affordable new way to control  QolorFLEX LED Tape, other LEDs, or low voltage incandescent fixtures. These new miniature dimmers are four channels dimmers with a wired input.

For our wireless version of the 4x2.5A dimmer with a SHoW DMX Neo® wireless receiver, visit the product page for the  QolorFLEX SHoW QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmer Neo 4x2.5A Dimmer. 

P/N Name 
5740   QolorFLEX®  4x2.5A Dimmer - Discontinued
5742M   QolorFLEX SHoW DMX 4x2.5A Dimmer - Discontinued

Additional Information

DMX Control Features

The QolorFLEX® 4x2.5A Dimmer includes:

  • SHoW DMX Neo® 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio (Wireless version)

    The QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmer (wired DMX versions) include:

    • 3P Screw Terminals for DMX Out

    Other Features

    All Units Include:

    • Four dimmer output channels
    • Max output per dimmer channel 5A
    • Max total output per device 10A
    • Screw terminal connections for power input and dimmed output
    • Individually protected against over-current
    • Individually protected against over-temperature
    • Individual bump buttons
    • PWM resolution 16-bit
    • Dimming Curves
      • Linear, 60Hz
      • ISL, 60Hz
      • Non-Dim
    • LED Features
      • Five variable LED smoothing rates
      • Four Film and Video Modes
    • Individual DMX addresses
    • Fully RDM enabled


    • NEMA 1 ABS enclosure

      Electronic/ Functional Features

      • Bump Buttons
      • DIP Switch, DMX Addressing (9POS)
      • DIP Switch, SHoW ID addressing (8POS)
      • DIP Switch, Curve Selection (4POS)
      • DIP Switch, LED Curve PWM Frequency Selection (4POS)
      • DIP Switch, DMX Termination (wired DMX units only, 1POS)
      • LED indicators:
        • Dimmer pilot lights (one for each channel)
        • Data (data present)
        • RF Signal Strength (4 LEDS) Low to High
        • Status


      • ETL Listed 

      Power: 7.5-30VDC 10A Max Power Input

      Weight: 0.15 lbs/.08Kg

      Dimensions: 2.25”/57mm W x3.5”/60mmH x 0.56”/14mmD (excluding antenna) 

      Title Description
      pdf QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmers in the Starry Sky at George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City, UT “City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmers were our choice because they have the best dimming range for an 8VDC product, there are lots of options for setting curve and dimming cycle rates, and the great support from City Theatrical throughout the project.” - Francesca Bettridge, CBBLD Principal who led the project’s lighting design
      pdf A Conversation On LED Tape with The Band's Visit Broadway Designers LED tape is a unique lighting product in today’s entertainment world. Many disciplines of design interact with it - especially lighting and scenic designers. City Theatrical asked Tony Award winning lighting and scenic designers, Tyler Micoleau and Scott Pask, from 10 time Tony Award winning Broadway show The Band’s Visit for their unique perspectives on LED tape, and how they use it in this show and other projects.
      pdf QolorFLEX NuNeon, RGB and QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmers in The Flamingo Kid at Hartford Stage in Hartford, CT

      Inspired by the neon artwork being created and displayed in New York in the 1960’s, the scenic and lighting designers for The Flamingo Kid at the Hartford Stage collaborated to design an “El Flamingo Beach Club” sign that would establish the setting of the show by hanging directly above the stage. It was designed to be a featured piece, and was one of the most important scenic elements of the production.

      To maintain the integrity of the era for which it was designed, the designers sought to find a traditional neon replacement product that would provide the brightness and clarity of a neon sign and not only look good on stage, but also emit the same kind of glow that real neon does. They considered LED-based lighting solutions to avoid the delicacy of installation and maintenance of traditional neon, and incorporate the ability to change colours and dim the sign during the show.

      City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX NuNeon RGB was selected as the lighting solution for the show’s “El Flamingo” sign, based on its ability to replicate traditional neon’s brightness and glow, change colours, and dim easily in combination with other QolorFLEX products

      pdf QolorFLEX NuNeon, RGB and Accessories, QolorFLEX RGB LED Tape, and QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmers in Freaky Friday Presented by Coolidge Middle SchoolDrama Department in Reading, Massachusetts

      With a SHoW Baby 6 wireless DMX system already in place, the creative team for Freaky Friday was looking for a way to create an urban Chicago setting using bright, colour-changing LED products that could be controlled wirelessly. With limited transition time between scenes and a cast including 55 middle schoolers and an additional 45 students working backstage, the ideal solution would not only add dimension and visual interest, but also require minimal relocation after installation, and be simple and safe to use in a high traffic area.

      The script called for an oversized hourglass that would be “broken” in half on stage. This presented one of the largest challenges of the show to the creative team: Designing a prop that could create a magical effect, while using two separate lighting and wireless DMX control systems.

      City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX NuNeon was selected as the lighting solution to outline the Chicago skyline that spanned the 40-foot-wide stage. The skyline was set in two layers, one at each wireless DMX controlled portal, to add dimension with colour-changing RGB LEDs that have the look and brightness of traditional neon, but with easier setup and wireless DMX dimming control

      pdf QolorFLEX NuNeon, RGB, QolorFLEX RGB LED Tape, QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmers, and Power Supplies in Macy’s Herald Square “Believe In Wonder” Holiday Windows in New York, New York

      As their seventh time creating the holiday windows for Macy’s Herald Square, the creative team from Standard Transmission worked closely with Macy’s Visual Merchandising department to develop a design concept that tied in with Macy’s national holiday 2019 marketing campaign, “Believe in Wonder”. This year’s aesthetic was meant to have a high end look and feel, using more accent lighting and neon as a central element.

      With six 15’ x 8’ x 6’ windows to fill, the creative team was tasked with reducing the scale of their inspirations, like Times Square and opera in New York, to fit inside these “small stages” and tell a story. Half of the window designs required extensive use of neon, and they sought an LED neon replacement product that could bend easily, be bright enough to transition from day to night, and could be programmed to change colour upon button press by passersby.

      City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX NuNeon was selected to provide the brightness and interactivity the team was looking for. Three of the windows called for a total of 32 reels of RGB and 11 reels of single colour QolorFLEX NuNeon - almost 300 feet in total. Ten QolorFLEX wireless DMX Dimmers provided dimming control to help bring interactive lighting effects to life.

      Date Title Description
      pdf 10/21/2021 1027 D2 and D4 Dimmers A firmware bug has been found in the D2/D4 Dimmers
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