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    PWCHOREO Touchscreen Controller

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    PWCHOREO Touchscreen Controller, the Choreo 3-gang Touchscreen DMX Lighting Controller,
    provides full-featured, stand-alone programming and playback for DMX512 lighting systems, all in a three-gang wall box. Choreo’s natural language interface makes the selection of lights, adjustment of their attributes, and the recording of reference libraries, memories and cues fast and simple. Once programmed, use the screen as a virtual button/fader station, or run shows from time code, serial input or contact closures.

    For more information, visit Pathway Connectivity's PWCHOREO Touchscreen Controller product page.

    Choreo Lighting Controller unit Choreo Lighting Controller Screen

     2021 Description 2021 Part Number Legacy Description Legacy Part Number
    Choreo Architectural Controller, Wall-mount, 512 Channels PWCHOREO WM 512 Choreo 512 Controller P700.7302
    Choreo Architectural Controller, Wall-mount, 1024 Channels PWCHOREO WM 1024

    Choreo 1024 Controller

    Pathway Accessory, Choreo Desktop Consolette
    PWACC CHORDT Consolette, Desktop Choreo Enclosure P700.7904

    Choreo 1536 Controller


        Choreo 2048 Controller P700.7305

    Add 512 Output to 512, 1024 and 1536 Models



    • Up to 2048 outputs—1024 directly from Choreo
    • Power-over-Ethernet operation simplifies installation
    • No hard limits on number of memories, cues, chases or playbacks
    • Pathport Protocol, ANSI E1.31 sACN, Art-Net, KiNET
    • Silent, capacitive touch screen operation
    • Natural language control uses “real-world” terms and labels instead of channel numbers and data-level values
    • Edit all show attributes including color, intensity, position and timing from the touchscreen without a computer or console
    • Continually updated fixture library, currently with over 2000 commonly available, multiple-attribute lights
    • Context-sensitive Help Overlays provide assistance without interrupting work flow
    • Timecode-based playback and astronomical or time clock event triggering
    • USB port for updates and showfile backup
    • Seamless file transfer with Cognito2 lighting consoles
    • Free downloadable off-line editor (OLE) for Windows or Mac


    Choreo Lighting Console is available in 512, 1024, 1536, and 2048 versions.


    Choreo 512  Choreo 1024 Choreo 1536 Choreo 2048 
    Output DMX Addresses

    512 1024 1536 2048
    Pathport Protocol

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    ANSI E1.31 sAcn

    Yes Yes Yes



    Yes Yes Yes Yes 

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    DMX512 OUT Ports

    2* 2 2 2
    DMX512 Input Trigger

    Time Code

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    RS232 Serial/ Telnet

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Contact Closure

    3 3 3 3
    Time/ Astronomical Schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes

    * Universe 1 repeated on both OUTPUT ports




    Cut Sheet User's Guide Brochure  Drawing (PDF)

    For more information, visit Pathway Connectivity's PWCHOREO Touchscreen Controller product page.


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