QolorFLEX LED Tape

QolorPIX® Pixel Controlled LED Tape

City Theatrical's QolorPIX® Pixel Controlled LED Tape is a dynamic and distinctive addition to the QolorFLEX® line of LED Tape, dimmers, and accessories.


QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape is designed for the most demanding professional applications, with 48 individually controlled LED lights per meter. Each reel of tape includes a soldered-on four-pin XLR connector on one end, creating a plug and play connection to the QolorPIX Tape Controller to create thousands of effects, including chases, fades, scrolls, bursts, and more, with the option of using onboard Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM technology.

QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape runs on low voltage (5VDC) and is sold in five-metre reels, with a maximum cable connection length (between controller and tape) of 10 metres. QolorPIX Pixel Tape is available in both water resistant (IP67 rated, jacketed in clear rectangular silicone) or indoor use only (IP20 rated, not jacketed) versions.


GET INSPIRED: Explore 11 Plug & Play Pixel Effects

Our three-minute QolorPIX Effects video demonstrates different kinds of pixel effects that are available as plug and play options when using the QolorPIX Tape Controller. Click to view our top 11 plug and play pixel effects: PaparazziCometJockeyCheckersColour MergeWaveSweepWipeVU ManualStrobe, and  Knight Rider.

ETL Listed CE Certified Mark RoHS Compliant


QolorPIX® Pixel Controlled LED Tape and Accessories:

Product Image (click to expand)  Product Name Part Number (click to download cut sheet)
Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2 QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape effects QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape with waterproof silicone jacket (IP67 rated for outdoor installations)Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2
  Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2 QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape with silicone jacket (IP67)  
Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2 QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape unjacketed IP20 in action New! QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape - unjacketed (IP20 rated for indoor installations) Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2
  Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2 QolorPIX strip unjacketed  


Explore QolorFLEX Tape Controller, Eight Output and QolorPIX Accessories, which are perfect to use with any installation of QolorPIX PIxel Controlled LED Tape.

Additional Information

FAQs About QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape


Q1. How much tape is on each reel of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A1. 5 Meters (16.4 feet)

Q2. What are the cutting increments of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A2. You can cut the tape between each LED, or 21mm.

Q3. What is the voltage of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A3. QolorPIX tape operates at 5 volts.

Q4. How many LEDs per meter are on QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape? How many LEDs per reel?
A4. There are 48 LEDs per meter and 240 LEDs per reel. 

Q5. Is QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape IP rated for outdoor use?  
A5. Yes, QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape, with silicone jacket (P/N Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2) is IP67 rated. As of May 2023, we also now offer QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape, unjacketed (IP20) for indoor installations (P/N Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2).

Q6. What is the chipset for QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A6. QolorPIX tape uses standard chipset WS2812B.

Q7. What is the part number for QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape
A7. QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape for outdoor installations is: Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2. QolorPIX for indoor installations (unjacketed) is: Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2.



Q8. How can I mount QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A8. Plastic mounting clips are included with each reel of tape.

Q9. Can I play media on QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A9. Yes, since the tape uses a standard chipset, you can use it with a media server to play video or media. 

Q10. What length are the extrusions for QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape
A10. City Theatrical sells two different aluminum extrusions, Part# 6691 and Part #6692, which both fit QolorPIX tape. Part#6691 is 9mm high and Part# 6692 is 14mm high. They are both sold in 2 meter lengths.

Q11. Can QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape be diffused?
A11. Yes, you can diffuse QolorPIX tape. When diffused, the effects take on a completely different look. City Theatrical sells two different diffusers (Part# 6696 and Part# 6697) that fit perfectly with the extrusion Part# 6691 and Part# 6692. The diffusers are sold in 2 meter lengths.

Q12. Are there 12V and 24V versions of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A12. No, we currently only offer 5V tape.



Q13. Can I control every pixel on QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A13. Yes, you can control every pixel up to one universe (512 slots). Although this is possible, it is quite limiting. Each pixel requires 3 slots (red, green, blue). This means an entire universe can only control 170 pixels, not a full roll.  

Q14. Can I use QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape that I have cut?
A14. Yes, the cut pieces of the tape can be used by soldering leads onto the copper pads.

Q15. Does City Theatrical offer different types of pixel tape?
A15. Yes. QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape (with silicone jacket) P/N Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2 is encapsulated in clear rectangular silicone tubing making it IP67 rated, for oudoor installations.

QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape (unjacketed pixel tape only) P/N Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2 is IP20 rated and meant for indoor installations.

Both types of tape have 48 LEDs per meter, 5 meters in length, black backing, 4pin XLR connector on one end, and use chipset WS2812B.

Q16. Can I extend the reels of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape?
A16. No. If you are using the QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape with City Theatrical’s QolorPIX Tape Controller, you should not extend the reel beyond 5 meters (240 LEDs) since each port on the Tape Controller can only drive one reel of tape. 


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Physical Specifications:

Name: QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape, with silicone jacket QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape, unjacketed (Pixel Tape only)
Part Number: Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-67-2  Q5050-5-RGB-48-5-20-2
Length 5m (16.404 ft)  (same)
Width 14.3mm (0.563 in) 12mm (0.47 in)
Height 4.8mm (0.188 in) N/A
Cutting Increment 21.0mm (0.827 in) (same)
LED Spacing 21.0mm (0.827 in) (same)
Backing Color Black (same)
Coating Clear Silicone None.
Connector Type
 4-Pin XLRM soldered to a 15.2cm (6.0 in) pigtail on one end (same)
Pinout Pin 1: Black wire (Ground)
Pin 2: Not used
Pin 3: Green wire (Signal)
Pin 4: Red wire (5V)


Color(s) RGB (same)
Color Temperature n/a (same)
Wavelength 622/523/467 nm (same)
Beam Angle 120° (same)
Operating Voltage 5VDC (same)
Current 5 A/5m (same)
Power Consumption 25 w/5m (same)
Density 48 LEDs/m (same)
LED Chip Size 5050 (same)
Product Information:    
Use Environment Indoor/ Outdoor Indoor
Dimmable Fully Dimmable (same)
Average Life 50,000 hours (same)
Warranty Two years (same)
IP Rating IP67 IP20
Compliance ETL / CE / RoHS (same)

Title Description
pdf Creating Dynamic Pixel Controlled Effects at American Dream Meadowlands in Rutherford, New Jersey Ever wonder how professional lighting and scenic designers achieve pixel controlled effects for architectural installations? According to the team at Quantum Creative Studios, QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape and QolorPIX Tape Controllers were tools that helped them achieve their vision in the theme park at American Dream Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ.
pdf QolorPIX Pixel Control at the Vince Lombardi Trophy Replica Lighting at Super Bowl Live in Atlanta, Georgia

Working under an exceptionally tight timeline, the RMRK creative production agency was looking for a turn-key pixel tape and controller solution to add dynamic lighting to the iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy replica, an outdoor 25-foot statue which was the backdrop for Super Bowl LIII events before and after the game in Atlanta, Georgia.

The trophy’s pixel controlled LED lighting solution would need to be programmable, such that it could coordinate with musical performances by Atlanta-based artists like Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris. The ideal pixel-based lighting solution would offer plug and play installation and operation using industry standard XLR extensions.

The RMRK team chose City Theatrical’s QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape and Tape Controller as the solution to provide plug and play pixel effects over the trophy’s sides, shield, and football seams. With overnight delivery and 4-pin XLRM connectors soldered to the end of each reel of QolorPIX tape, the team was able to quickly and easily install and program this pixel control solution.

“QolorPIX solved many of our challenges – weather, controller distance, brightness – with a single, off-the-shelf solution. ” - Rob Kodadek, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, RMRK

pdf QolorPIX Tree Lighting at the Christmas Spectacular at Baptist Falls Church Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Falls Baptist Church was looking for a way to enhance the lighting of their annual Christmas Spectacular event, with performances that attract and inspire thousands of people from the surrounding communities. With the help of a new professional lighting designer as part of their creative team, they developed ideas to illuminate the stage and over 100 performers with dynamic lighting effects.

The lighting designer looked for a foundational lighting element that could be used throughout the entire show. Since the scenic design was minimal, there were limited options when it came to building in lighting fixtures that could support each musical movement. Pixel tape seemed to be a practical solution, but the team needed tape that was easy to install and use, and could play throughout the show without repeating an effect.

Six reels of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape, driven by an ETC ION console to the QolorPIX Tape Controller, worked as the unique lighting solution to dynamically light three Christmas Trees with color and dimension, with plug and play effects ranging from one and two color paparazzi, comets, and beyond.

“QolorPIX was so easy work with. Within an hour, I was able to control the pixel tape and record multiple presets.” - Derek Welker, Freelance Lighting Designer, Falls Baptist Church

Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1032 Firmware for QolorPIX Tape Controller, Eight Output The QolorPIX controller can experience a screen lockup after numerous keypresses while navigating menus. The lockup will periodically persist through a power cycle. The 5850 Firmware update fixes these lockups.
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