Beam Control

Concentric Ring

City Theatrical Concentric Rings are often the designer's first choice for beam control when space is at a premium, such as on moving lights hung in a tight rig. Concentric Rings deliver 45° cutoff for full control of stray beams and spill, like a full Top Hat, but they do it in a shorter device.

City Theatrical Concentric Rings also provide a "Svoboda-like" style when used on lighting fixtures that are in view of the audience, and present a deeply theatrical feel.

Part Number Size/Model A B C D
2484 S4 PAR Concentric Ring
 7 1/2”
 7 1/2”
 6 3/4”
2494 185mm Concentric Ring 185mm
2493 PAR 64 Concentric Ring 10"



Beam Control Accessory Sizing Chart for ETC Standard, EDLT and XDLT Lenses
 ETC Source 4 LED Series 3 Users: Find the Beam Control Accessory Sizes you need for ETC Standard, EDLT, and XDLT Lenses. Download the: Beam Control Accessory Sizing Chart for ETC's EDLT / XDLT Lenses (PDF).

Additional Information

  • Offers full control of stray beams and spill
  • Fabricated from light gauge steel with hemmed edges
  • Comparable function to a full 6 inch (152mm) Top Hat
  • Only 2 inches (51mm) long
  • Black powdercoat finish
  • Made in the USA
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