C-Clip Truss Protector™

Trusses are made of soft aluminum tubing and are easily dinged and dented. A c-clamp tightened onto a truss will leave a deep dent.

City Theatrical C-Clip Truss Protectors are springy plastic clips that snap on to 2” diameter truss tubing to protect the aluminum from damage. You can crank a c-clamp down onto a City Theatrical C-Clip without fear of damage. Our C-Clips are simple and inexpensive and will save your very expensive aluminum truss. Available in black or white.

Part Number Name
1370 C-Clip Truss Protector, 2", white
1371 C-Clip Truss Protector, 2", black


Additional Information

  • Designed to protect expensive truss from damage caused by fixture clamps
  • Provides a sacrificial barrier which absorbs indentations, snaps onto 2” (51mm) members and is easy to remove
  • Made in the USA
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