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QolorTOPIX is City Theatrical's new podcast series featuring some of the most unique lighting professionals in our business, ranging in every sector of light, from Film, Television, Theater, Dance, Music, Themed Entertainment, Art and Architecture.

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QolorTOPIX Podcast Episode 1 Guest: Carlos Torres

Published February 20, 2023


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About the Episode

Carlos Torres is a Los Angeles-based Chief Lighting Technician and Gaffer for many Hollywood-based films and television shows, including Everything's Gonna Be Okay on Freeform, Arrested Development on Netflix, S.W.A.T., and more. Join us as we explore Carlos' career in film lighting, funny experiences on set, including an anecdote from Alien 4, and why he decided to become a City Theatrical distributor in 2023.

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Carlos Torres, Chief Lighting Technician and LA-based City Theatrical Dealer, on set at Arrested Development on Netflix.


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Meet Our Host: Al Crawford


Al Crawford, GM, City Theatrical

QolorTOPIX Podcast Series is hosted by City Theatrical General Manager Al Crawford. Mr. Crawford has worked globally in a broad variety of genres, with vast experience in the fields of dance, touring, live events, film, video, and theatrical consultation. He is an award-winning Lighting Designer, entrepreneur, and has managed teams that support the creation and implementation of new lighting and scenic projects worldwide.

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