Beam Control


City Theatrical Adapters can extend the use of your accessory inventory, and save you money.

1251 Adapters allow larger accessories with a 7½” frame size to be used in a standard Source Four with a 6¼” frame. You could use older top hats, or even newer Source Four PAR size top hats, color scrollers, and effects devices.

1252 Adapters allow accessories with a 6¼” frame size to be used with a 7½” frame. 

City Theatrical designed the new! 1253 Adapter, 6.25” to 6.625” (158.75mm x 168.275mm), Source Four to Scrim for the needs of film and video lighting projects. You can use it to connect one or multiple scrims to an ETC Source Four lighting fixture with an EDLT or Standard lens, in order to achieve the lighting looks desired for your film project.


Part Number Name
1251 Adapter, 6 ¼” to 7 ½”
  1251 Adapter
1252  Adapter, 7 ½” to 6 ¼” 
1253 New! Adapter, 6 ¼” to 6 5/8”, S4 to Scrim (for film projects)
  1253 Scrim Adapter square upright



Beam Control Accessory Sizing Chart for ETC Standard, EDLT and XDLT Lenses
 ETC Source 4 LED Series 3 Users: Find the Beam Control Accessory Sizes you need for ETC Standard, EDLT, and XDLT Lenses. Download the: Beam Control Accessory Sizing Chart for ETC's EDLT / XDLT Lenses (PDF).

Additional Information

  • Adapters measuring 6 ¼” to 7 ½” (P/Ns 1251 and 1252) allow for use of older accessories (color wheels, scrollers, etc.) with Source 4 fixtures
  • Adapters measuring 6 ¼” to 6 5/8” (P/N 1253) allow for Source 4 fixture to Scrim (for film projects)
  • Made in the USA
Title Description
pdf Adapter, Source 4 to Scrim, for Film Projects Interview with Robert Scarborough CSC

“For years, I asked: Why does this accessory not exist? After many minutes lost on sets to falling scrims and constant adjustment, I just had to create this part with City Theatrical.” - Robert Scarborough CSC, Director of Photography

City Theatrical interviewed Robert to find out more about what inspires him in his career as a cinematographer, and what led him to design the 1253 Adapter, Source 4 to Scrim accessory with City Theatrical for his and other film and television projects, in this City Theatrical Q&A.

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