QolorFLEX Dimmer

QolorFLEX® 25x3A Dimmer

City Theatrical's new! QolorFLEX® 25x3A Dimmer (P/N 5811) is a low voltage, constant voltage, dimmer that is designed for large installations of LED tape. It is the five-channel version of City Theatrical’s  QolorFLEX 24x3A Dimmer (P/N 5810), for users who seek high-capacity dimmers to use for installations of 5-in-1 LED tapes, rather than four- or fewer channel LED tapes. 
The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer features 25 channels of control and can accommodate five-channel LED tapes easily, to create efficiencies when it comes to installation time and wiring. This dimmer is fully DMX and RDM compatible and offers standalone functions.

The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer’s maximum current load per channel is 3A with a Maximum Device Input of 75A. This dimmer’s power connection is one removable Terminal Block Connector, Eight Pin, Male (P/N 6614) for DC Input, and output connections include five removable Terminal Block Connectors, Six Pin, Female (P/N 6613) for LED outputs. The DMX connections include 5-Pin XLR, 3-Pin XLR, and etherCON RJ45 connectors, which are a ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connector system, optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network applications.

The QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer also includes 99 curve selection options and 18 film and video modes. This dimmer requires an external power supply to suit the LED tape being used. It is designed for indoor use. 


Product image Part Number Description
 5811 QolorFLEX 25x3A Dimmer
6613 terminal block connector 6-pin female 6613 

Terminal Block Connector, Six Pin, Female

(Five removable connectors are included with 5811)

6614 Terminal Block Connector, Eight Pin, Male for 5811 6614 

Terminal Block Connector, Eight Pin, Male

(One removable connector included with 5811)


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Additional Information

Product Name QolorFLEX® 25x3A Dimmer
Part Number 5811
Physical Specifications:  
Size L x W x H 260mm x 120mm x 40mm (10.24" x 4.72" x 1.57")
Weight 24 oz (0.07 kg)
Construction Steel
User Interface 4 recessed buttons, plus alpha/ numeric display
Electrical Specifications:  
Output Channels 25
Input Voltage 12~24VDC
Max Output per Channel 3A
Max Device Input 75A
Power Connections 1 removable Terminal Block Connector, Eight Pin, Male (P/N 6614) for DC Input

Output Connections  5 removable Terminal Block Connectors, Six Pin, Female (P/N 6613) for LED Outputs 
DMX Connections  etherCON RJ45 Connectors, 5-Pin XLR, and 3-Pin XLR
0-10 Connections No
DMX Address Yes 
Curve Selection Yes - 99
Film & Video Modes Yes - 18
DMX Termination No
Bump Buttons No
Pilot Lights Yes
Smoothing Settings No
Standalone Levels Yes
Product Information:  
Use Environment Indoor
Operating Temperature  -20º to +50º C 
Warranty One year
Compliance  CE, RoHS 

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