Multiverse® SHoW Baby®

With tens of thousands of units sold since their introduction in 2011, ShoW Baby plug and play transceivers set the standard for ease of use and reliability at an affordable price point. The addition of Multiverse radio technology enhances the performance even more.

City Theatrical’s Multiverse® SHoW Baby® is a wireless DMX transceiver that delivers breakthrough plug and play wireless DMX and RDM transmission. In its default mode, it works like any other SHoW Baby 6 Transceiver, with six user selectable SHoW IDs. By connecting an RDM controller, like DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool, all of the revolutionary new 2.4GHz Multiverse SHoW IDs are accessible. 

Right out of the box, Multiverse SHoW Baby is fully compatible with all legacy SHoW DMX SHoW Baby® systems. Use it to build new single universe Multiverse systems, or use Multiverse SHoW Baby as a receiver on multiple universe systems with a Multiverse Transmitter.

 P/N Name and What's in the Box Usage
 5900  Multiverse SHoW Baby Worldwide
  5900 Multiverse SHoW Baby - Whats Included

Multiverse Transceivers are covered by U.S. Patent # 7,432,803 and other patents pending.

Additional Information

  • Full compatibility with all previous SHoW Babys right out of the box

  • Instant plug-and-play configuration: For a Transmitter, connect DMX IN, for a Receiver, don’t!

  • Multiverse 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio

  • Wirelessly broadcast and receive a full Universe (512 slots) of DMX

  • Robust wireless DMX512 and RDM data transmission

  • Six user selectable SHoW IDs accessible on the “SET ID” button, plus 147 Multiverse and 70 SHoW DMX Neo SHoW IDs accessible via RDM.

  • Extremely low 4mS latency

  • RDM proxy and responder functions

  • Mounting bracket for installation with C-Clamp or similar hanging hardware

  • Included CL2 Power Supply

  • Included 2dBi omni-directional antenna

  • Neutrik® 5P XLR Connectors for DMX IN and DMX OUT

Face Panel Diagram

Multiverse SHoW Baby Face Panel Diagram


Product Information:
Product Name  Multiverse SHoW Baby
Part Number  5900
Maximum Concurrent Universes  1
Frequency Range:  2400 – 2480 MHz
Physical Specifications
Length  92mm (3.625 in)
Width  76mm (3.00 in)
Height  46mm (1.80in)
Weight  0.16 Kg (0.35 lb)
Construction  Steel, ABS plastic, Black
Connection Specifications
DC Jack, 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel, center positive, 9mm mating depth (this power supply connector is not compatible with Multiverse Node) 
Neutrik® 5-Pin XLR connectors for DMX512 IN and OUT/thru ports
RP-SMA female antenna connector
USB Type-A port, internal (requires removing cover and circuit board)
User Interface  1 Button/LEDs
RDM Features  RDM Proxy, RDM Responder
Input Power  7.5-30VDC, 0.8W
Max Draw  66mA max draw at 12V
AC Adapter Voltage  100VAC to 240VAC 50/60Hz
Radio Technology
Latency  4 ms average
RF Sensitivity  -95dBm
Loss of Data Behavior  Output stops
Broadcast Power  2.5mW, 8mW, 25mW, 80mW EIRP
Broadcast Modes   Adaptive, Full, Low, Mid, High, Max
Show IDs  217 (Americas and Worldwide)
Additional Product Information
Use Environment  Indoor
Operating Temperature  0° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature  -40° C to 85° C
IP Rating  IP50
Compliance  FCC, IC, CE, ARIB, RoHS
Warranty  One year



City Theatrical Antennas for Multiverse SHoW Baby:

 P/N Name For Product
 5729 2dBi Indoor Omni Antenna, 2.3" All SHoW Baby models
  5729 - Multiverse SHoW Baby 2dBi Omni, 2.3” Multiverse Antenna



City Theatrical Antenna Accessories for Multiverse SHoW Baby:

 P/N Name For Product
 5638 Adapter Cable Adapts Panels and Yagis to SHoW Baby models




City Theatrical Power Supplies for Multiverse SHoW Baby:

 P/N Name For Product
 5627 SHoW DMX Power Supply SHoW Baby, SHoW DMX Transmitter and Receiver
   5627 - Multiverse SHoW Baby 12VDC Power Supply with plug kit  



City Theatrical Hanging Brackets for Multiverse SHoW Baby:

 P/N Name For Product
 5780 SHoW Baby Hanging Bracket All SHoW Baby models
  5602 - Multiverse SHoW Baby Mounting Plate with hardware 


Title Description
pdf Multiverse SHoW Baby at Kinky Boots at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida The Broward Center for the Performing Arts presents more than 700 performances each year to more than 700,000 patrons. For Kinky Boots at the Broward Center, there are an extensive number of moving lights, LED tape, and practicals throughout the Kinky Boots set, which was rented through Kinky Boots LLC out of New York City for use on the Fort Lauderdale show, such that we needed wireless DMX to be configured and set up to work flawlessly with the lighting system. We had moving lights set up on the balcony, in the air, and lots of battery-operated lights on the scenery. Having the Multiverse SHoW Baby units work with only a little bit of configuring helped us save time and efforts and made the load in and configuration a lot easier than it could have been.
pdf Multiverse SHoW Baby at Balmoral Events Center in Haines City, Florida City Theatrical’s Multiverse SHoW Baby transceivers were used as the wireless DMX solution for the lighting at the new Balmoral Event Center. The technical team from Barbizon Southeast was able to use six Multiverse SHoW Baby units as DMX receivers - one for each wall (four) and one for each tower (two) - and one as a transmitter, which was set up in a closet with the other lighting controllers, to provide wireless DMX control for light fixtures.
pdf Multiverse SHoW Baby at Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story national tour Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story tells the true story of Buddy Holly’s meteoric rise to fame. This case study shows why wireless DMX important for Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story national tour as a three-month tour traveling from roadhouse to roadhouse, which often had load ins done during the morning and load outs done after the evening show. Multiverse SHoW Baby wireless DMX helped ease of setup, and the use of wireless DMX was appealing to quickly control our moving light fixtures, Star Drops, and practicals on set. Multiverse SHoW Baby wireless DMX made it easy to set up the lighting at each venue and saved us a lot of time on the road.
pdf Multiverse SHoW Baby for Places of Worship

“I would recommend Multiverse SHoW Baby for other places of worship projects like this. We chose Multiverse wireless DMX because we were confident it wouldn’t affect the wireless mics used during the services. It also came down to ease of use and cost savings.”

- Clarence Golden, Sales Associate, MAGNUM Companies

Multiverse SHoW Baby® was recently installed and is currently being used to provide wireless DMX control for worship services at Church International in Norcross, Georgia. After the successful installation in February 2021 in Georgia, Project Lead Clarence Golden from Atlanta-based MAGNUM Companies, along with Set Designer Benjamin Brown, took their same four-unit Multiverse SHoW Baby wireless DMX solution to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri in March 2022. In both locations they were able to provide an easy to use, reliable wireless DMX solution using Multiverse SHoW Baby, with no mic interference and seamless control for flicker free dimming for livestream cameras. 

pdf ETC ColorSource Relay and Multiverse for High School Theater in Oklahoma

Theatre educators in need of new lighting equipment know that every dollar spent for their school counts. “You have to make sure that the patrons of the community are happy with the investment, because it’s mostly their money that’s paying for it,” says Tony Travis of Toucan Productions in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Travis sought to outfit three separate high school performance spaces for the Mid-Del School District — on a budget that would only cover one.

Find out how he used ETC's ColorSource fixtures with onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology as the quality solution that fit his school's budget in this ETC case study.

Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1037 Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM Approved Antennas This tech bulletin displays a table that lists all the approved antenna that can be used on Multiverse products and radio modules for OEM integration
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