Masterblast™ (Legacy Product)

City Theatrical MasterBlast (legacy product) is a battery operated LED lighting fixture with built-in SHoW DMX® (wireless DMX). Every MasterBlast is selectable to be either a transmitter or receiver, so one MasterBlast can serve as both a lighting console and wireless transmitter, sending out a show of built-in routines to many other MasterBlasts.

The MasterBlast utilizes City Theatrical’s interchangeable polycarbonate holographic lenses in nine different symmetrical and asymmetrical beamspreads, and is compatible with the full line of City Theatrical power/data supplies for Color Kinetics. It has 14 or more hours of battery life when using a rolling color change, a battery that recharges in two hours, a very bright 50W color changing Philips Color Kinetics LED fixture, and a user friendly user interface.

Setting Up A Basic System

Here's one way to use MasterBlasts.  Set one unit as a Transmitter and broadcast your show to an unlimited number of  MasterBlasts set as Receivers. Use the built in routines to set color fades or fixed colors.  Use the built in grand master to set the overall intensity of the show or to increase battery life. 

Note:  The Transmitter in these diagrams are shown out of proportion to the Receiver.  All units are the same size since all are selectable as either Transmitters or Receivers.

Setting Up A System With Both Wired And Wireless Equipment

Here's another way to use MasterBlasts in conjunction with wired City Theatrical PDS-750 TRs or PDS-375 TRs.  Using the DMX output of the Transmitter, connect via a DMX cable to a PDS-750 TR or PDS-375 TR and the same show that you are broadcasting to your MasterBlasts will be output through your PDSs.  Set up large installations this way with minimal cable and no lighting console. 


Name Part Number

MasterBlast Kit



MasterBlast Kit Without Fixture



MasterBlast Kit (CE)



MasterBlast Kit Without Fixture (CE)


Replacement Parts and Accessories Part Number

MasterBlast Controller



MasterBlast Controller (CE)



ColorBlast 12 TR Fixture (Sold only as part of a kit)



Battery Base  12/24V



Battery Base Series 24V Cable



Blast 12 TR Symmetric Lens Kit



Blast 12 TR Asymmetric Lens Kit



Available Accessories:

  • CTI # 5600/01 SHoW DMX Transmitter
  • CTI # 5610/11 SHoW DMX Receiver
  • CTI High Power/directional Antennas
  • CTI # 6320/21 Blast 12 TR Lens Kits
  • CTI # 6340 Blast 12 TR Barndoor
  • CTI 6346 Blast 12 TR Louver
  • CTI # 5640 12V Battery Charger

Additional Information

System Features

  • Rugged NEMA 1 steel and aluminum cases
  • Full featured 5 button user Interface with LCD display
  • Built-in SHoW DMX™ Wireless DMX Transceiver for program broadcast or reception (configurable as a transmitter or receiver, compatible with all SHoW DMX Systems)
  • Status indication (via LCD display) of battery voltage
  • Status indication (via LCD display) of Radio received signal strength (in Receive mode)
  • Full featured 5 button user Interface with LCD display


Built in Show Routines  (Nine Show Routines Plus SHoW DMX Receive)

  • Colour Wash EB: Cross fade between colour spectrum, Extended Battery
  • Colour Wash : Cross fade between colour spectrum
  • Cross Fade: Cross fade between two colours
  • Colour Wave 6 Light: Cross fade between colour spectrum applied to 6 fixtures
  • Colour Wave 12 Light: Cross fade between colour spectrum applied to 12 fixtures
  • Colour Wave 18 Light: Cross fade between colour spectrum applied to 18 fixtures
  • Random Colour: Bump from one random colour to another random colour
  • Random Fade: Cross fade from one random colour to another random colour
  • Fixed Colour: Static colour (RGBAW)
  • SHoW DMX Receive Routine

Control Features

  • Routine select
  • Radio configuration (SHoW ID, Panel Lockout, Backlight settings)
  • System Grand Master level control
  • Battery Saver Technology
  • ColorBlast 12 TRX compatibility
  • Mini Zapi including ColorBlast 12 TRX functions

Status Indication

  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Low
  • Battery Exhausted
  • Radio Received Signal Strength


  • Power: 24VDC 2A input via Anderson PowerPole connectors for System/ColorBlast power, accessory 12/24VDC 250mA input via 5.5x2.1mm concentric connector for MasterBlast power only
  • 2A CKDMX Power/Data output via 4PXLR Female for (1) ColorBlast power and control
  • DMX512 wired output via 5PXLR female (disabled in Receive routine)
  • DMX Address in Receive routine

Kit Components

  • MasterBlast Controller
  • Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TR
  • 12/24V Battery Base
  • Series Battery Cable (for 24V operation)

What you don’t need when you use MasterBlast:

  • No power distribution (in fact no power needed at all)
  • No generator
  • No feeder cables
  • No power cables
  • No data cables
  • No lighting console
  • No wireless DMX transmitter
  • No plugging strips
  • No UPS
  • No floor stands
  • No gels
  • No color scrollers
  • Only minutes of setup and take down time, instead of hours
  • Little or no crew instead of several crew members
  • Little truck space instead of a lot
Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1017 PDS-50 and MasterBlast Controller New firmware to improve battery life
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