D4 LP Dimmer (Legacy Product)

City Theatrical's D4 LP Dimmer (legacy product) is optimised for LED use and offers numerous features for the professional user working in film, video and live theatrical productions. Four channel operation makes it perfect for use with multicolour and hybrid LED tapes and it offers five 5-pin output terminal blocks for connections. It incorporates an integral power supply and its fanless configuration ensures totally silent operation. The low profile (2" high) unit is sized for surface mounting behind scenery and is also compatible with standard rack mount enclosures. Its versatility is furthered by its availability as either a 12V for 24V unit with either Class1 or Class 2 device ratings.

The D4 LP is compatible with industry standard DMX512 control data. It may also be used wired, or as a stand alone (manual) unit as well.

The feature rich user interface includes easy to operate rotary switches for set up and configuration as well as status indicators and bump buttons. Other features include: Five dimming and response time modes enabling optimal performance on camera and off.

The D4 LP is the winning combination of form and function professionals have been asking for.


P/N Description
Call D4 LP Dimmer, 12V, four dimming channels, max 8A each, 20A total overall, no fan, class 1      
Call D4 LP Dimmer, 12V, 4 x 5A, no fan, class 2
Call D4 LP Dimmer, 24V, four dimming channels, max 6A each, 16A total overall, no fan, class 1
Call D4 LP Dimmer, 24V, 4 x 4A, no fan, class 2

If you are interested in any of our D4 LP Dimmer or would like a custom one, please call us with specifications at 201-549-1160.

Additional Information

Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1027 D2 and D4 Dimmers A firmware bug has been found in the D2/D4 Dimmers
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