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Discover more about City Theatrical products and how to use them in these webinar, training, reel, and how-to videos that showcase multi award winning DMXcat Multi Function Testl Tool, RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer, Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology, QolorFLEX LED Tapes, Dimmers, and Accessories, as well as QolorFLEX NuNeon, QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape and QolorPIX Tape Controller, and more.


City Theatrical Webinar 10: Using RadioScan and DMXcat as Test Tools to Improve Wireless DMX

As the 10th webinar in City Theatrical's wireless DMX series, this webinar focuses on using RadioScan® Spectrum Analyzer and DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool to improve your wireless DMX performance – whether you use Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM or any other wireless DMX system. This webinar provides a general overview of how you can use the tools independently or in combination to improve your wireless DMX setup, and will help you plan for and/or troubleshoot your next wireless DMX installation.
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