AutoYoke® (Legacy Product)

City Theatrical's AutoYoke® (legacy product) is the First Automated Lighting Solution Designed for Theatrical Use.

The AutoYoke is the first affordable solution for converting theatrical lighting fixtures into full-featured moving lights. Smooth, accurate and quiet, the AutoYoke's DMX control allows you to pan and tilt the unit, as well as drive colour scrollers. With the AutoYoke for Ellipsoidal, the optional DMX controlled AutoIris and AutoFocus also allow you to manipulate the size and sharpness of the beam of light. With the AutoYoke for Source Four™ PARNel, the motorized variable beamspread allows you to control the width of the beam of light.

The First Automated Lighting Solution Designed for ETC's Source Four LED

The AutoYoke® Source Four LED combines the quiet operation, accuracy, reliability, and professional quality of the AutoYoke®, with the brightness, built in colour changing, energy efficiency, and long life of the Source Four LED, and is the solution for converting ETC’s state of the art Source Four LED into a full featured moving light. Smooth, precise, and quiet, the AutoYoke Source Four LED’s DMX control allows you to pan and tilt the unit, as well as adjust the iris, and change the focus (sharpness of the beam). Since Source Four LED lighting fixtures have colour changing capabilities, there is no need for colour scrollers, and no dimmer is required.

Name Part Number
AutoYoke Source Four LED - Discontinued 5001LED
AutoYoke for S4 Ellipsoidal - Discontinued 5000
AutoYoke for S4 Ellipsoidal (CE Version) - Discontinued 5001
AutoIris for S4 Ellipsoidal - Discontinued 5010
AutoIris for Strand SL Ellipsoidal - Discontinued 5015
AutoFocus for S4 Ellipsoidal - Discontinued 5020
AutoYoke for S4 PAR (includes fixture) - Discontinued 5061 

Additional Information

AutoYoke for Ellipsoidal

  • Operates with all 19° - 50° Source Four™ and Strand SL Series ellipsoidals
  • Operates with 5° and 10° ellipsoidals with some limitations
  • Optional AutoIris and AutoFocus available


AutoYoke for Source Four™ PARNel

  • Turns a Source Four™ PARNel into an automated variable beamspread washlight
  • Adjustable beamspread of 25° - 45°
  • Yoke includes Source Four™ PARNel fixture


AutoYoke® Source Four LED

  • Supports state of the art ETC Source Four LED fixtures
  • Creates a low-cost moving LED lighting fixture
  • Designed for theatrical and studio applications
  • Fully functional onboard user interface
  • 8 or 16 bit DMX control
  • Accuracy of movement less than 0.1°
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation



  • Creates a low-cost incandescent moving light
  • Designed for theatrical applications
  • Fully functional onboard user interface
  • 8 or 16 bit DMX control
  • Accuracy of movement less than 0.1°
  • Lightweight
  • No cooling fans
  • User selectable travel limits and invert feature on all AutoYoke attributes
  • Supports Wybron Forerunner™, Coloram II™, CXI; ChromaQ Broadway™, and Rainbow Pro Series™ Color Scrollers via AutoYoke power supply
Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1001 AutoYoke D39 diode
pdf 10/21/2021 1009 AutoYoke A change in the pan and tilt motor mounts
pdf 10/21/2021 1010 AutoYoke Clarification of differences in lens mounting brackets in different generations
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