Trade Show 2024 Season Begins: Cine Gear NY Expo and USITT24

Mar 28, 2024, 10:21 AM by Gary Vilardi
Join City Theatrical VP of Sales Gary Vilardi as he reflects on two weeks of trade shows during March 2024, including Cine Gear NY Expo in Brooklyn, New York, USA and USITT in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Hi there! Gary Vilardi here. I recently returned from two weeks of trade shows during March 2024, having traveled to Brooklyn, New York for Cine Gear NY Expo and USITT Stage Expo in Seattle, Washington. Here are some of my thoughts, based on the experiences we've had at the shows.




Cine Gear NY Expo | Brooklyn, New York, USA | March 14-16, 2024

2024-03-15 Cine Gear NY Booth 237 featuring Gary Vilardi and John Demous


Shown: City Theatrical VP of Sales Gary Vilardi and Sales Specialist John Demous at our Cine Gear NY Expo table 237.


Industry City in Brooklyn was the site of this year’s Cine Gear New York Expo that ran March 14-16, 2024.  The show offered film professionals and technicians the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art technology used in the film, media, and entertainment industries. City Theatrical featured our Multiverse Studio Kit, QolorFlex line of low voltage LEDs and Dimmers and highlighted the new DMXcat-E™ (P/N 6100), our next generation control, analyze test tool designed to be used with both DMX and Ethernet protocols. The new DMXcat-E also allows users to perform cable testing of 5-pin XLR and Ethernet and can also read SMPTE timecode as well as MIDI timecode and regular MIDI for audio and other entertainment projects. 

Also featured at our booth was a product suite called BirdBones.  Inventor, founder and CEO Sam Beavers of Birdbones Inc. joined us at Cine Gear to display his various configurations of his line of products called BIRDBONES. BIRDBONES were created to bypass time consuming, and failure riddled wired tails when building LED controllers with quick disconnect Phoenix connectors.


USITT | Seattle, Washington, USA | March 20-23, 2024

Alan Crawshaw, Harrison Hohnholt, Gary Vilardi, John Demous Booth 2315 USITT24


Shown: City Theatrical Booth 2315 with Alan Crawshaw, Harrison Hohnholt, Gary Vilardi and John Demous at USITT 2024, Seattle, Washington. 

City Theatrical’s sales team exhibited at USITT’s 64th Annual Conference & Expo March 20-23, 2024 in Seattle, Washington. This well attended show bought students and professionals from around the US to Seattle, Washington to see the latest in entertainment technology. City Theatrical’s team was busy educating attendees on the benefits for Multiverse wireless DMX, and shared some of the new product offerings added to our QolorFlex line of low voltage LED Tape and Dimmers including our new RGBA-Deep Red and 25 Channel Dimmer. As expected, the highlight of the show for us was the flow of people coming by our booth to get a look at the new DMXcat-E. DMXcat-E™ (P/N 6100) is an expansion to City Theatrical’s DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool system of solutions that allows for Ethernet control of a lighting fixture.

We were also very pleased to have Dave Smith showcase our QolorFlex products as he trained over 500 participants in the art of soldering. Dave is a very talented, experienced industry technician, a former employee of City Theatrical and a good friend of the company. I also want to extend a special thank you to Alan Crawshaw for assisting us in manning our tradeshow booth. As a Seattle resident, long time industry professional and an expert in City Theatrical hardware products, Alan rounded out our expert team. In fact, Alan is responsible for inventing many of these products including, track tamers, safer sidearms and vertical extension tubes.   


Dave Smith running soldering classes at USITT 2024

Shown: Dave Smith training people in the art of soldering at USITT 2024.