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Vignette™ is a system of modular button and slider wall station inserts that allow you to snapshot four universes of E1.31 sACN or one universe of DMX512. Design the wall stations needed, from single-gang up to six-gang. With both Ethernet or RS485 backbone architectures available, buttons can be Press-and-Hold-To-Record and Press to Play back; sliders can control any sACN slot and be patched to many others using any Pathport gateway or act as a grand master for the Vignette’s output.


• Attractive Decorator-style design in white or black, compatible with Pathway Connectivity or third-party faceplates
• Master/slave inserts available as single or double sliders, or as two or four buttons
• PoE variant works with the Via switches and Pathport Gateways
• Six conductor RS485 variant requires eDIN Vignette head end that includes an Ethernet port for configuration and sACN send/receive as well as DMX In and DMX Out. Each head end can support up to 64 modules divided among four separate buses
• Group stations to mirror each other or work independently
• Works as snapshot record and playback out of the box. Advanced configuration using Pathscape on Mac OS or Windows PC


• 0.5 lbs (0.225 kg)
• 1.75”W x 1.6”D x 4”H (45mm x 40mm x 102mm)




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