Multiverse® Connect Module (New!)

City Theatrical's Multiverse® Connect Modules are small devices that bring all the capabilities of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM to a lighting fixture built by an OEM manufacturing partner of City Theatrical, such that the fixture has a Universal Connect Module socket build into it. The chassis of the device plugs into the fixture, and with a few menu changes on your fixture, it becomes wireless using the Multiverse Connect Module.

Multiverse Connect Modules are Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM* receivers encased in ABS plastic.

The 2.4GHz model (P/N 5914) uses the 2dBi Omni Antenna, 2.3” (P/N 5729), which is the same antenna we use in our best-selling Multiverse SHoW Baby devices.

The 900MHz** model (P/N 5915) uses the 1.8dBi/3.8dBi Omni Broadband "Stubby" Antenna (P/N 5984), which is the same as our Multiverse Studio Receiver wireless DMX/RDM solution.

Multiverse Connect Modules include seamless RDM integration and can be configured through host fixture UI/RDM. The Multiverse Connect Module uses a USB Type-C Plug connector and runs on 5VDC. The Multiverse Connect Module is IP65 rated and can be used in an indoor or outdoor environment.


LDI23 New Product Badge Winner Lighting Control Category Multiverse Connect Module White 

City Theatrical's Multiverse Connect Module is the winner of LDI Show 2023's Lighting Award in the Controls Category! Learn more in Live Design Magazine.

Multiverse Connect Modules will be available in either the 2.4GHz or 900MHz band through City Theatrical distributors worldwide in 2024.

Part Number Name Usage
5914 Multiverse Connect Module, 2.4GHz
  5914 Multiverse Connect Module plate on fixture with 5729 antenna  
5915 Multiverse Connect Module, 900MHz North America
  5915 Multiverse Connect Module plate on fixture with 5984 antenna  


*Multiverse transceivers are covered by U.S. Patents #7,432,803 B2, #10,129,964 B1, and other patents pending.

**900MHz is licensed for use in North America only.

Additional Information

Product Name Multiverse® Connect Module, 2.4GHz Multiverse® Connect Module, 900MHz
Part Number 5914 5915
Frequency 2.4GHz 900MHz
Antenna 2dBi Omni Broadband Antenna, 2.3” (5729) 2dBi/4dBi Omni Broadband Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz (5980)

Universes 1
Physical Specifications:
Length 55.4 mm (2.2 in)
Width 40.4 mm (1.6 in)
 39.2 mm (1.5 in)
Construction ABS Plastic 
Power/Data Connector USB Type-C Plug
Product Information:
Voltage Range 5VDC
Broadcast Power Antenna dependent; 100mW EIRP 
Broadcast Modes Adaptive, Full, Low, Mid, High, Max Adaptive, Full, Low, Mid, High
SHoW IDs Multiverse: 147; Neo: 70 Multiverse: 90
Latency 4ms average
RF Sensitivity -95dBm
RDM Features  Seamless RDM Integration
Configuration Through host fixture UI/RDM
Use Environment Indoor, Outdoor 
IP Rating  IP65
Warranty One year
Compliance FCC, IC

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