Antennas for Wireless DMX

Many broadcast problems are overcome by using specialized antennas, either to increase range or to focus radio energy to a specific area. 

City Theatrical Antennas for Wireless DMX include Standard Antennas and Long Range Antennas for current Multiverse wireless DMX products, Legacy Antennas for SHoW DMX products, Antenna Accessories, and a useful Antenna Adapter Selection Matrix Adapter Selection Matrix chart and reference connector information at the bottom.

City Theatrical's specialized Long Range antennas include the P/N 5981 Panel and 5982 Yagi, which are available for different scenarios in a Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM or legacy SHoW DMX wireless DMX setup.

antenna selection matrix
 Read more about Multiverse products and the Antennas and Antenna Accessories that connect them in our Antenna Adapter Matrix.

Here are the Antennas and Antenna Accessories for Wireless DMX offered by City Theatrical:



P/N  Name For Product
 5729 2dBi Indoor Omni Antenna, 2.3" All SHoW Baby models (Multiverse SHoW Baby and legacy SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 6)
  5729 antenna for Multiverse SHoW Baby

5980  2dBi/4dBi Omni Broadband Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band Multiverse Module, Multiverse Node and Multiverse Transmitter
  5980 - Multiverse Node Antenna, Omni Broadband, 900MHz 2.4GHz, 2dBi 4dBi
 5983 2.5dBi/2.5dBi Omni Broadband Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band Multiverse Vero Transceiver
   5983 antenna for Multiverse Vero
 5984 1.8dBi/3.8dBi Omni Broadband Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band Multiverse Studio Receiver
   5984 antenna for Multiverse Studio Receiver




 P/N   Name For Product
 5981  6.8dBi/8.5dBi Panel, Dual Band 900MHz - 2.4GHz Multiverse Node and Multiverse Transmitter
  5981 Panel Antenna

 5982 11dBi Yagi, Dual Band 900MHz - 2.4GHz Multiverse Node and Multiverse Transmitter
  5982 Yagi Antenna



 P/N  Name For Product
 5731 4dBi Indoor Omni Antenna (legacy) Legacy SHoW DMX Neo Transmitter and Receiver
  5731 Antenna for legacy SHoW DMX Neo
 5732 4.5dBi Outdoor Omni Antenna (legacy) Legacy SHoW DMX Vero and SHoW DMX Vero Net
   5732 4.5dbi Omni Antenna for legacy SHoW DMX Vero


 P/N   Name For Product
 5637 Antenna Splitter All Panel and Yagi antennas
  5637 antenna splitter
 5638 Antenna Adapter Cable, RPSMA (M) to N (M) 36", LMR-200 Adapts Panels and Yagis to SHoW Baby models
   5638 Antenna Adaptor Cable
 5639  Gender Changer for 5637 Antennas Splitter Two are needed for each Splitter
   5637 Antenna Splitter  
 5641  Antenna Adapter Cable, N (M) to (N) M, 36", LMR-200 Legacy SHoW DMX Vero or Vero Net (N-Connector Female to the female N-Connector) to a Panel or Yagi Antenna
   5641 Antenna Adapter  

antenna selection matrix
 Read more about Multiverse products and the Antennas and Antenna Accessories that connect them in our Antenna Adapter Matrix.

Additional Information

Title Description
pdf Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM at Tesla’s Giga Texas “Cyber Rodeo” Grand Opening Party

"The versatility of the Multiverse system meant we were able to reconfigure nodes on the fly, and broadcast nine universes of long-distance data transmission in two separate systems.”

- Aidan Marshall, Associate Lighting Designer

This case study Q&A explores the Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM system used at Tesla’s Giga Texas “Cyber Rodeo” Grand Opening Party in Austin, Texas in April 2022, which celebrated the electric vehicle maker’s new $1.1 billion factory, and was attended by 15,000 guests. The dual band Multiverse 900MHz/ 2.4GHz solution used included one Multiverse Transmitter to broadcast nine universes of wireless DMX data out of the console and 10 long range Panel Antennas to transmit and receive 700 feet from the console over both the 2.4GHz and 900MHz bands. 

pdf RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer at Company Broadway
“This RadioScan setup has been a game changer for us. Now we can easily put the antenna where it needs to be, to see what is happening close to the transmitters and receivers. Before, we were only able to see what was happening in the booth, not where the real action is on stage.” - Kevin Barry, Production Electrician
pdf Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM at Super Bowl LIVE in Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida “Multiverse worked great for us. When starting to design this show, Multiverse was the best option for us to get data around Bayfront Park. It made our load in process much quicker as well.”
- John Fitzgerald, Lead Field Technician, Dynamic Productions USA
Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1037 Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM Approved Antennas This tech bulletin displays a table that lists all the approved antenna that can be used on Multiverse products and radio modules for OEM integration
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