Broadcast More Data, Produce Less Radio Energy


After more than 20 years of pioneering wireless DMX and RDM innovation for entertainment and architectural lighting, City Theatrical's revolutionary Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system can broadcast as many as 10 universes of DMX data from a single Multiverse Transmitter, while producing less radio energy than present-day single universe systems.

Multiverse’s patented wireless DMX/RDM technology enables scalability of wireless lighting data like never before. Multiverse products allow larger and larger systems to be scaled up without producing harmful amounts of radio energy that could disrupt other wireless systems in the venue. Multiverse can change your entire approach to lighting by allowing larger and larger wireless DMX/RDM systems to be scaled up. 

Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology is now available for the unique needs of film & video projects with Multiverse Studio Kit and other Multiverse Studio products, where fast setup and reliability are key objectives, for outdoor architectural installations, with Multiverse Vero Transceiver, and for wireless LED Tape dimming projects, with miniature QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers.

Multiverse Transceivers are covered by U.S. Patent # 7,432,803 and other patents pending. The 900MHz band is licensed for use in North America only.




Quick Links to Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM Product Pages:




Multiverse Webinar Library


Watch Multiverse Webinars

Discover more about Multiverse technology and future of wireless DMX in the lighting world in our 10-part Multiverse Wireless DMX Webinar Series.

Multiverse Webinar Library

Multiverse Awards


LDI23 New Product Badge Winner Lighting Control Category Multiverse Connect Module White
New Product Winner - Lighting Control Category

Multiverse Connect Module recognized in the Lighting – Control category at LDI Show 2023 Awards.

Read more
LDI award for best debuting product
Special Recognition

Low voltage miniature QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers recognized in the Lighting – Control category at LDI Show 2019 Awards.

Read more
PLASA London 2019
Special Commendation

Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM receives Special Commendation at the PLASA London 2019 Awards for Innovation.

Read more
LDI award for best debuting product
Best Debuting Product

Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system wins an Live Design Award for Best Debuting Product at LDI Show 2018.

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Wireless DMX Challenges


What is Wireless DMX?


What you need to know about wireless DMX white paper
White Paper

What You Need To Know About Wireless DMX.

Download white paper

Simply stated, wireless DMX is a way of getting DMX data from “point A to point B” without using cable. DMX cable and the labor to install it are expensive, and using wireless DMX can save time and money as well as allowing DMX data to be run to places that cable can’t reach, such as across a river, a highway, or to the top of a tall building.

If you are in the field of entertainment technology you are familiar with DMX. (The official terminology is DMX512-A but I’ll refer to it in its common usage in this paper, DMX.) DMX is the communications protocol that was created by the entertainment industry in order to have a common language for lighting controllers to speak to lighting devices such as dimmers or color scrollers. It enables any lighting controller from any manufacturer to communicate with any lighting device from any other manufacturer.

Read more in our White Paper: What You Need To Know About Wireless DMX.


Challenges Of Wireless DMX


How Advances in wireless DMX will change the way we do lighting, 2020 whitepaper
White Paper

How Advances in Wireless DMX Will Change the Way We Do Lighting.

Download white paper

All previous wireless DMX control systems have suffered from a basic limitation: they are only able to transmit and receive a few universes of DMX data before their radio energy overpowers the spectrum and prevents their signals, and the signals of other devices in the venue, from accomplishing their mission.

With this constraint, large scale multiple universe wireless systems simply have not been possible to achieve. In addition, the broadcast spectrum in which DMX systems operate has become overcrowded with other radio signals, causing additional interference issues. Faced with these challenges, City Theatrical began planning a new system of wireless lighting control that could be scaled up to unprecedented levels without overpowering the spectrum.

Read more in our White Paper: How Advances in Wireless DMX Will Change the Way We Do Lighting.


Multiverse Modules for OEM Partners


The Solution: Multiverse Module


Multiverse marks the fifth generation of City Theatrical's engineering development for wireless DMX, with the mission of being able to deliver more data using less radio energy. To do this, we reimagined wireless DMX altogether, and discovered that we could reduce the amount of radio energy used for wireless DMX by more than 90% with an innovative new radio and by improving how we broadcast.


5995 Multiverse Module
Multiverse Module
View product page

More Data, Less Disruptive Energy

We achieved our goal of more data using less radio energy with the creation of our Multiverse Module. Multiverse Modules are the embodiment of breakthrough Multiverse technology, and every product in the Multiverse wireless DMX system is built around these tiny circuit board mounted devices.

Using these new radios, Multiverse products can deliver much more DMX data while producing much less disruptive radio energy.


ColorSource Spot V includes Multiverse wireless DMX RDM as standard
OEM Manufacturing
View OEM page

Designed For OEM Partners

Multiverse Modules are best suited for lighting equipment manufacturers who are interested in adding wireless DMX to their products. Due to low cost, increased data transport, and ease of design integration, the Multiverse Module marks the first time that the implementation of a wireless DMX chip in every DMX device is possible.

The Multiverse Module is available in two frequency ranges, 900MHz (for use in the Americas) and 2.4GHz (for use worldwide). Each frequency version can include a PCB trace antenna or not. All versions have a U.FL connector to connect to an external antenna.

OEM Implementation

Multiverse Modules (Part Numbers: 5990, 5991, 5994, and 5995) are available on reels for surface mounting. The OEM Implementation Kit includes a detailed guide, equipment, test gear, and more. Contact City Theatrical for more information.

Learn more about OEM Manufacturing Opportunities.


Technical Focus by Richard Cadena in Lighting&Sound America and International:

"Another component of the Multiverse family that is really interesting is the Multiverse Module, an integrated circuit chip that manufacturers use to integrate wireless DMX into their fixtures. It’s inexpensive enough that it’s likely to become ubiquitous. The wireless revolution will not be televised, but it will be broadcast, and it’s now underway. Stay tuned."

Read Technical Focus

Multiverse Modules for OEM Partners


Why Is Multiverse Revolutionary?



Multiverse’s patent-pending wireless DMX/RDM technology enables scalability of wireless lighting data like never before. It allows larger and larger systems to be scaled up without producing harmful amounts of radio energy that could disrupt other wireless systems in the venue. Multiverse can change your entire approach to lighting by allowing larger and larger wireless DMX/RDM systems to be scaled up.

 Key Features and Benefits of Multiverse Wireless DMX systems include: 


  • Flexibility & Scalability 
    Multiverse components can be set up as single or multiple universe configurations. Using our plug and play Multiverse SHoW Baby® or Multiverse Nodes, single universe systems can be created quickly and easily. Using a single Multiverse Transmitter, you can create a system of up to 10 universes. 

  • Ease of Use 
    Components are easily set up and users can configure their system and then control its fixtures using Streaming ACN or Art-Net, or convenient smartphone based interfaces such as our DMXcat® app or other Wi-Fi controllers, like Luminair. 

  • 2.4GHz & 900MHz Operation 
    2.4GHz operation is usable worldwide, and for the first time, Multiverse users in North America can use a combination of 2.4GHz and 900MHz frequencies. (Note: 900MHz is not licensed for use outside of North America.) 

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) 
    Power the Multiverse Transmitter and receive sACN at the same time, without a power cord or external DC adaptor. 

  • Backwards Compatibility 
    Multiverse SHoW Baby and Multiverse Node can be used seamlessly with highly popular legacy wireless DMX products, including SHoW DMX SHoW Baby®, SHoW DMX Neo®, and SHoW DMX Vero® and SHoW DMX Vero Net®. 

  • RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer 
    RadioScan can help improve all Multiverse broadcasts by helping the user select the optimum area in the spectrum to place their broadcast. RadioScan coordinates with Multiverse to help select SHoW IDs.


Key topics covered in the Introduction to Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM Webinar include:

• 3:23: Wireless DMX Resources
• 8:44: Breakthrough features of Multiverse technology
• 11:58: 2.4GHz and 900MHz bands comparison 
• 15:39: Wireless RDM for setup and troubleshooting


Multiverse Modules for OEM Partners



Top 10 Breakthrough Innovations of Multiverse


5991 Multiverse Module
More DMX Data, Less Radio Energy

With Multiverse Module technology in every Multiverse product, the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system can broadcast up to ten universes of DMX data, depending on the type of Multiverse Transmitter used, while using less radio energy than other single universe wireless DMX transmitters.

Dual Band Operation
Dual Band Two-Radio Operation

Broadcast on the 2.4GHz band and the 900MHz band (900MHz band is licensed for use in North America only) at the same time, or broadcast simultaneously in the 2.4GHz band to broadcast as many of 10 universes of wireless DMX/RDM at the same time.

mDMX - Dramatic Radio Energy Reduction

mDMX is a form of DMX optimized for wireless broadcast that dramatically reduces data being broadcast, thereby reducing unneeded radio energy.


Multiverse is able to broadcast RDM information without disrupting the DMX broadcast. This feature is not available even in wired RDM systems.

SHoW Key Security
SHoW Key Security

SHoW Key is an additional three-digit code that is added to a Multiverse SHoW ID that will prevent another system set on the same SHoW ID from interfering with your system.

Lock Pin
Lock Pin

When using a smartphone with the DMXcat app, a four-digit PIN can be applied to the Multiverse Transmitter to assure only authorized users can access it.

RDM Integration
RDM Integration

When Multiverse radios are implemented by a manufacturer of a lighting fixture, they become an integrated part of that device. Lighting users simply look for the fixture they want to communicate with, not the radio in addition to the feature, for a simpler selection process.

Smartphone Control
Smartphone Control using the DMXcat app

Multiverse Transmitter allows smartphone control of Multiverse equipped lighting fixtures by use of our free DMXcat app.

Forward Error Correction
Forward Error Correction

Allows the Receiver to detect and correct errors that may occur in the wireless transmission of data.

Low Cost Technology
Low Cost Technology

The Multiverse Module is the lowest cost full featured DMX/RDM product ever introduced, making it perfect for manufacturers to incorporate into their lighting fixtures.

Multiverse Modules for OEM Partners


Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM Solutions


Multiverse’s patent-pending wireless DMX/RDM technology enables scalability of wireless lighting data like never before. Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM products now include the following, with links to information below:

The entire product line can be used with  DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool smartphone app, as well as the New! DMXcat-E, to turn on, troubleshoot and control Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM systems with the Multiverse Transmitter app, as well as  RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer to set up a broadcast more efficiently.



Multiverse Receiver Card



5906 Multiverse Receiver Card
Multiverse Receiver Card
View page


Multiverse Receiver Card


Part Numbers:

  • 5906 (2.4GHz)
  • 5907 (900MHz - licensed for use in North America only)

Wireless DMX/RDM receivers that any lighting user can use to implement wireless DMX/RDM into entertainment projects or lighting equipment in a simple way

Available in either the 2.4GHz or 900MHz (licensed for use in North America only) band, Multiverse Receiver Cards are full Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM receivers without the housing, XLR connectors, and user interface as used in wireless DMX receiving products like the Multiverse Node and Multiverse SHoW Baby. Multiverse Receiver Cards include an internal antenna and a connection to an optional external antenna. Configuration for Multiverse Receiver Cards is done via RDM with DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool, or with City Theatrical’s USB Configuration Program for PC/Mac.

In addition to receiving wireless DMX and outputting wired DMX, the Multiverse Receiver Card can output 0-10V, and has four PWM control outputs.



Key topics in the Multiverse Receiver Card Webinar include: 

• 7:22: Setting up Multiverse Receiver Card (basic) 
• 10:28: Using USB Configurator
• 13:49: Setting up point to point, Single universe system
• 15:28: Advanced mode



Justin Freeman, Production Electrician, Hadestown:

"Getting set up with Multiverse was unbelievably good. Communication with City Theatrical never stopped. If things changed, Multiverse changed with us. It has been very successful for our show."

Hadestown Case Study

Multiverse Connect Module



5914 Multiverse Connect Module, 2.4GHz - Winner of the LDI Show 2023 Lighting Award, Controls Category
Multiverse Connect Module
View page
LDI23 New Product Badge Winner Lighting Control Category Multiverse Connect Module White


New! Multiverse Connect Module


Part Numbers:

  • 5914 (2.4GHz)
  • 5915 (900MHz - licensed for use in North America only)

Multiverse Connect Modules are Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM* receivers encased in ABS plastic.

Multiverse Connect Modules are small devices that bring all the capabilities of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM to a lighting fixture built by an OEM manufacturing partner of City Theatrical, such that the fixture has a Universal Connect Module socket build into it. The chassis of the device plugs into the fixture, and with a few menu changes on your fixture, it becomes wireless using the Multiverse Connect Module.

City Theatrical's Multiverse Connect Module is the winner of LDI Show 2023's Lighting Award in the Controls Category! Learn more in Live Design Magazine.


How It Works:


MAC Viper XIP fixture closeup square

1. Remove the plug from the fixture.

Step 1 - Multiverse Connect Module into plug

2. Plug the Multiverse Connect Module into the fixture base.

Step 2 - Multiverse Connect Module secure

3. Secure the Multiverse Connect Module in the place of the plug on the fixture base manually.

Step 3 - Multiverse Connect Module screw in

4. Screw the Multiverse Connect Module onto the fixture using a Phillips Head screwdriver and the screws that come with the fixture.

Step 4 - Multiverse Connect Module add antenna 5914

5. Attach the 2.4GHz antenna to the Multiverse Connect Module.

5914 Multiverse Connect Module 2.4GHz front square

6. You’re ready to use wireless DMX/RDM with the fixture!

Multiverse SHoW Baby, close up



Multiverse SHoW Baby 2.4GHz Front View -  500px
Multiverse SHoW Baby
View page


Multiverse SHoW Baby


Part Number: 5900 (2.4GHz) 

The Fourth Generation Of The Original Plug And Play Wireless DMX Transceiver System

With tens of thousands of units sold since their introduction in 2011, SHoW Baby plug and play transceivers set the standard for ease of use and reliability at an affordable price point. The addition of Multiverse radio technology enhances the performance even more.

City Theatrical’s new Multiverse SHoW Baby is a wireless DMX transceiver that delivers breakthrough plug and play wireless DMX and RDM transmission. In its default mode, it works like all other legacy SHoW Baby Transceivers, including SHoW Baby 6, with six user selectable SHoW IDs. By connecting an RDM controller, like DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool, all of the revolutionary new 2.4GHz Multiverse SHoW IDs are accessible.

Users can add to their existing SHoW DMX SHoW Baby® systems, build new single universe Multiverse systems, or use Multiverse SHoW Baby as a receiver on multiple universe systems with a Multiverse Transmitter.



Key topics covered in the Multiverse SHoW Baby Webinar include:

• 4:32: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio transmission 
• 13:41: Wireless DMX best practices
• 14:50: Setting up Multiverse SHoW Baby
• 17:53: Signal strength and antennas



Jeremy Gates, Barbizon Southeast, on Balmoral Resort Florida:

"Multiverse has become our go to for wireless DMX for its reliability, price point, and ease of use. We like Multiverse SHoW Baby because it is plug and play, and doesn’t take long from out of box to a full operating system. We’ve found Multiverse has become just as reliable as a wired system."

Balmoral Case Study

Multiverse Node



5903 Multiverse Node - Folded Antenna - RX SHoW ID 24250
Multiverse Node
View page


Multiverse Node


Part Numbers:

  • 5902 (900MHz/2.4GHz - licensed for use in North America only)
  • 5903 (2.4GHz) 

Single Universe Plug And Play Simplicity

The Multiverse® Node is the first building block of the Multiverse system. Each Multiverse Node is a transceiver. As a single universe transmitter, it functions in a similar plug and play manner to our SHoW DMX SHoW Baby®, but contains two radios (5902 version for the Americas only) and a full user interface, with four buttons and a backlit LED display.

As a receiver, Multiverse Node is the primary single universe standalone receiver in the Multiverse system, and can be part of a larger multi-universe setup.



Key topics covered in the Multiverse Node Webinar include:

• 12:23: Setting up Multiverse Node 
• 14:14: Using specialized antennas to improve Signal Quality
• 16:09: SHoW DMX Neo SHoW IDs
• 21:27: RDM 



Lonnie Juli, Lighting Designer, on CBS Evening News project:

"Multiverse has been bulletproof for us. It helped us avoid all the cable discussions. It requires very little power. The user interface on the Multiverse Node and DMXcat made setup very simple."

CBS Evening News Case Study

Multiverse Vero Transceiver



Multiverse Vero Transceiver
View page


Multiverse Vero Transceiver


Part Number:

  • 7400-5902 (900MHz/2.4GHz - Licensed for use in North America only.)
  • 7400-5903 (2.4GHz)

The Next Generation Of The Original Vero Wireless DMX Transceiver System for Outdoor Installations       

The Multiverse Vero Transceiver 900MHz/2.4GHz brings the advanced features of the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to outdoor installations for architecture and entertainment. The 7400-5902 Multiverse Vero Transceiver 900MHz/2.4GHz contains two radios, 2.4GHz (for worldwide use) and 900MHz (for use in the Americas only), which allows the user to select which radio band to use via the Multiverse SHoW ID. The Multiverse Vero Transceiver is housed in a NEMA 4 / IP66 package that provides protection from the outdoor elements. Its internal backlit LCD display simplifies setup and gives feedback on system performance. Each unit comes with a dual band 2.5dBi Outdoor Omni-directional Antenna.

The Multiverse Vero Transceiver includes a provided mounting Bracket Base that can be used to mount the device to a surface or vertical pipe.



Key topics covered in this webinar video include:

• 8:00 – Surface Mounting 
• 10:39 – Powering up the unit 
• 14:38 – Broadcast planning
• 17:25 – Menu settings
• 20:07 – Transmitter mode
• 23:12 – Judging signal quality



John Fitzgerald, Dynamic Productions USA, on Super Bowl LIVE in Miami, Florida:

"Multiverse worked great for us. When starting to design this show, Multiverse was the best option for us to get data around Bayfront Park. It made our load in process much quicker as well."

Super Bowl LIVE Miami Case Study

Multiverse Transmitter 4

5911 Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz 500px
Multiverse Transmitter
View page


Multiverse Transmitter


Part Numbers:

  • 5910* (900MHz/2.4GHz - up to 9 universes)
  • 5911 (2.4GHz (x2) - up to 10 universes)
  • 5912* (900MHz (x2) - up to 8 universes) 

*Licensed for use in North America only.

Multiple Universe Control        

The Multiverse® Transmitter opens a new world in wireless DMX/RDM. Its Ethernet input allows it to take in Streaming ACN (sACN) or Art-Net and to transmit between eight and 10 user-selectable universes of DMX/RDM, depending on the type of Multiverse Transmitter product used, with the ability to use less radio energy than a present-day single universe wireless DMX transmitter.

The Multiverse Transmitter has a Bluetooth radio receiver built in that allows it to communicate with City Theatrical’s multi award winning DMXcat® app from the user’s smartphone. This gives the user smartphone control of any lighting fixture that is part of the Multiverse setup, whether it is a lighting fixture with a Multiverse Module inside, a lighting fixture receiving its data from a Multiverse Node, or any wired fixture downstream of those devices.

The Multiverse Transmitter is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for communication and control from tablet-based Wi-Fi lighting controllers like Luminair.



Key topics covered in the Multiverse Transmitter Webinar include::

• 8:39: Understanding SHoW IDs 
• 13:43: Using DMXcat to set up Transmitter 
• 18:28: Point to multipoint broadcast plan
• 18:46: Signal Quality Gauge
• 21:15: Testing your wireless DMX setup




Jay Woods, Lighting Designer, The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze:

"With the Multiverse Transmitter, we were able to focus on setting up and talking to a single device, as opposed to setting up multiple devices. Broadcasting multiple universes from one device means fewer power supplies, a more compact package, and potentially lower wireless DMX costs."

Blaze Case Study



QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers

5942 QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer


QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers


Part Numbers:

QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers

  • 5942* (900MHz/2.4GHz)
  • 5943 (2.4GHz)

QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers

  • 5916* (900MHz)
  • 5917 (2.4GHz) 

*Licensed for use in North America only.


Smooth Dimming, Small Size, Multiverse Wireless DMX     


5943 QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer 2.4GHz
QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer
View page

QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers     

The QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer is a constant voltage, five-output dimmer that can be controlled wirelessly using City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX* or SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX/RDM technology, or with wired DMX. This dimmer provides 20-bit PWM resolution and six DMX personality options (including: 8-bit (5ch), 16-bit (10ch), 8-bit Tunable White Single (2ch), 16-bit Tunable White Single (4ch), 8-bit Tunable White (4ch), and 16-bit Tunable White (8ch)) for extremely smooth dimming at the low end of the dimming curve. It uses detachable input and output connectors to make wiring easy. Configuration is performed using RDM, such as with a City Theatrical DMXcat®, or with City Theatrical’s USB Configuration program for PC/Mac. A mounting bracket is included with the Dimmer to allow easy mounting to scenery. It pairs perfectly with QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape for ideal use in props and costumes, or for areas where space is a concern.

Hayden Wadsworth, Peery’s Egyptian Theater:

"The QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers work well together and have an incredible response time to commands from our control consoles. The QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape has a powerful red and amber color. We are excited to bring this forward to our future shows and the capabilities we will have with this system of light."

Odgen Case Study

5917 QolorFLEX 2x2.5a Multiverse Dimmer
QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer
View page

QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers 

QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers are small, constant voltage, two-output dimmer designed to be mounted in small spaces such as props, costumes, wands, and candles. They can be controlled wirelessly using City Theatrical’s Multiverse or SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX/RDM technology, or with wired DMX. These dimmers provide 20-bit PWM resolution and four DMX personality options (two variations of 8-bit and 16-bit control) for extremely smooth dimming at the low end of the dimming curve. Configuration is performed using RDM, such as with a City Theatrical DMXcat®, or with City Theatrical’s USB Configuration program for PC/MAC. A plastic case is included with the QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmer to allow easy mounting to scenery while enabling removal of the dimmer from the case for wiring and configuration.


Anna McKindley, Fixtures Technician, Stranger Things:

"I loved [QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers]! They’re easy to set up, we didn’t need to use external antennas, and they connect to the Multiverse Transmitter every time. Any time any main cast flashlights were used or they were on their bikes, the dimming control was provided by QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers.

Stranger Things Case Study

Key topics covered in the QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers Webinar include:

• 10:01: Setting up QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers
• 12:48: USB Configurator program
• 19:38: Basic Best Practices for wireless DMX Dimming
• 20:19: Setting up QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers



QolorPIX Tape Controller Eight Output banner

QolorPIX Tape Controller, Eight Output
QolorPIX Tape Controller
View page


QolorPIX Tape Controller, Eight Output


Part Number: 5850

Plug and Play Pixel Effects Controlled by Wireless DMX    

QolorPIX Tape Controller is preconfigured with personality profiles that can be combined and adjusted to produce thousands of dynamic effects with QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape using only a few DMX channels. Any lighting effect you can imagine - chases, fades, scrolls, bursts, and more - can be created in minutes.

The QolorPIX Tape Controller offers eight ports, which accommodate a total of 40 meters of QolorPIX Pixel Controlled LED Tape. A user friendly control interface allows you to change mode, pixel length, dimmer, personality start address, strip type, fixture ID, and direction. The controller features an integrated power supply, a test function and flicker finder for easy troubleshooting. The QolorPIX Tape Controller offers wireless DMX control using Multiverse technology.

Key topics covered in the QolorPIX Effects Video include:

• 0:07​: One color paparazzi, snap on, snap off 
• 0:40​: Comet uniform color 
• 1:16​: Checkers​
• 1:26​: Wave uniform color​
• 1:51​: Index wipe​
• 2:17​: Strobe​
• 2:24​: Knight Rider Uniform color

Quantum Creative Studios on the American Dream project:

"Integrated pixel tape controller effects are used to enhance the effects throughout the day and at night. The colors are dynamic and change throughout. We’re using an ETC Ion RPU console with a Medialon Manager user interface with the 12 QolorPIX Tape Controllers."

American Dream Case Study

QolorPoint Multiverse Uplighter banner NAVY

QolorPoint Battery-Operated Multiverse wireless DMX 2.4GHz Uplighter
QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighter
View page


QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighter


Part Number(s) 7000, 7010


Bring Outdoor Events to Life With Color

City Theatrical's QolorPoint® Wireless LED Uplighters (P/N 7000) are bright output uplighters with stylish design and all weather use that help lighting professionals create stunning, high quality lighting effects for indoor and outdoor events. These easy to use, battery-operated QolorPoint Uplighters now come with onboard Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM technology equipped as standard, for scalability of wireless DMX lighting data like never before.

QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters set the standard in temporary wireless event lighting. They include an understated elegant design, IP65 rating for outdoor use, and their 2000 lumen output lights medium sized trees or three-story buildings. QolorPoint Uplighters provide even color mixing, long battery life (eight hours max output), and variable PWM, making them the most versatile and feature rich portable uplighters available today.


Key topics covered in the QolorPoint video include: 

0:18: LED event lighting uses
• 0:41: IP65 rated for outdoor use
• 1:02: Portable with fast setup
• 1:10: Product features​
• 1:59​​: Built in dynamic effects
• 2:30​:  Flicker free on camera performance

Amazon's The Spheres

"QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters were the best fixtures to light events at The Spheres due to the intensity, portability, IP65 rating and functionality with SHoW Baby’s wireless DMX.” - Brandon Baker, Lighting Designer, Amazon

The Sphere's Case Study

Multiverse Studio Receiver by City Theatrical

5905 Multiverse Studio Receiver 2.4GHz square
Multiverse Studio Receiver
View page


Multiverse Studio Receiver


Part Numbers:

  • 5904 (900MHz/2.4GHz - Licensed for use in North America only)
  • 5905 (2.4GHz)

20-Hour Battery Life Wireless DMX Receivers Designed for Film & Video

The Multiverse Studio Receiver brings the advanced features of the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to the film and video world, where fast setup and reliability are key objectives. The Multiverse Studio Receiver contains a long-life lithium-ion polymer battery giving 20 hours of use. The Multiverse Studio Receiver has a full four button user interface with a backlit LED display that makes setup easy and gives feedback on system performance.

The 5904 Multiverse Studio Receiver contains two built-in radios, 2.4GHz (for worldwide use) and 900MHz (for use in the Americas only), and the 5905 Multiverse Studio Receiver contains a 2.4GHz radio, which allow the user to select which single universe to receive, and which radio band to use via the Multiverse SHoW ID.

The DMX corded connector allows the Multiverse Studio Receiver and external antenna to hang below the lighting fixture, giving improved data fidelity.


Key topics covered in the Multiverse Studio Webinar include:

• 9:29: Multiverse Studio Receiver 
• 11:09: Simple broadcast
• 12:03: Multiverse Studio Kit
• 15:00: DMXcat apps
• 19:10: RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer
• 22:35: Multiverse Transmitter in DMXcat smartphone app
• 26:57: Multiple universe broadcasts

Justin Stroh, Chief Lighting Technician, The Unicorn:

"If I could, everything would come in and be attached to a Multiverse Studio Receiver. Having that interactive screen on your device… I can see the radio signal, universe, and everything I need to know if I need to assess something quickly. All of that control at the electrician’s level has been a gamechanger. All the guys love it, and they reach for it."

The Unicorn Case Study



Multiverse Studio Kit

Multiverse Studio Kit 5939
Multiverse Studio Kit
View page


Multiverse Studio Kit


Part Numbers:

  • 5938 (900MHz/2.4GHz - Licensed for use in North America only)
  • 5939 (2.4GHz)

All the Tools Lighting Technicians Need to Quickly Plan, Setup, and Operate Wireless DMX/RDM on Set       

The Multiverse Studio Kit brings the advanced technology of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to the film and video world, featuring Receivers with 20 hour battery life and contactless charging in an easy to use kit.


5938 Multiverse Studio Kit, Contactless charging detail

The Multiverse Studio Kit provides all the tools lighting technicians need to quickly plan, setup, and operate wireless DMX/RDM on set. It includes:

  • Six battery powered Multiverse Studio Receivers
  • One Multiverse Transmitter with hanging bracket and clamp (for multi universe broadcasts)
  • One Multiverse Node with hanging bracket and clamp (for single universe broadcasts)
  • One DMXcat Multi-Function Test Tool (to turn on and troubleshoot any lighting fixture on set)
  • One RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer (for broadcast planning)
  • Various accessories to keep your equipment organized, mounted, and charged.

Just drop the Multiverse Studio Receiver onto its slot in the Multiverse Studio Kit case, and it will begin charging. Individual chargers and USB cables are also included to enable charging or powering individual units outside the case.

Mark LaPierre, Programmer, Netflix Film's End of the Road:

"The ability to sign into any Multiverse wireless DMX device with my smartphone’s DMXcat app and check responses was unbelievably cool and deeply reassuring. We used everything in the Multiverse Studio Kit and the contactless charging was phenomenal.”

End of the Road Case Study

Multiverse Studio Add On Kit

5940 Loaded Multiverse Studio Add On Kit top view
Multiverse Studio Add On Kit
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Multiverse Studio Add On Kit


Part Numbers:

  • 5940 (900MHz/2.4GHz - Licensed for use in North America only)
  • 5941 (2.4GHz)

Scalable Multiverse Wireless DMX In A Contactless Charging Case       

The Multiverse Studio Add On Kit brings the advanced technology of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to the film and video world, featuring Multiverse Studio Receivers with 20 hour battery life and contactless charging in an easy to use kit.

Just drop the Multiverse Studio Receiver onto its slot in the Multiverse Studio Add On Kit case, and it will begin charging. Individual chargers and USB cables are also included to enable charging or powering individual units outside the case.

The Multiverse Studio Add On Kit provides six additional Multiverse Studio Receivers for users to expand upon their full P/N 5938/5939 Multiverse Studio Kits.



Carlos M. Torres, Chief Lighting Technician, Everything's Gonna Be Okay on Freeform:

"The Multiverse Studio Kit was just what we needed. The setup and connectivity was fast and easy. We had all 6 receivers working on many of our lighting setups with zero, yes, zero connection fails. Multiverse worked flawlessly for the entire season."

Everything's Gonna Be Okay Case Study

dmxcat multi function test tool banner

DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool
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DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool


Part Number: 6000

An Indispensable Tool for Lighting Users      

The DMXcat® system is designed for use by the lighting professional who is involved with the planning, installation, operation, or maintenance of theatrical and studio lighting equipment. The system consists of a small hardware interface device and a suite of mobile applications. Together, they combine to bring DMX/RDM control plus several other functionalities to the user’s smartphone for use wherever and whenever they are needed.

DMXcat hardware is built into every Multiverse Transmitter. This means you can now access, configure, and control your Multiverse Transmitter with the free DMXcat app. DMXcat technology means that you no longer have to touch or even be close to your Multiverse Transmitter to make changes to it. Update your current DMXcat app or download it today to connect your Multiverse Transmitter.

DMXcat works with: AndroidiPhone, and Amazon Fire.


6100 DMXcat-E Hardware and smartphone app
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New! DMXcat-E


Part Number: 6100

Expanding the DMXcat System to Include Ethernet and More

Shipping in 2024, City Theatrical‘s new! DMXcat-E™ (P/N 6100) is an expansion to City Theatrical’s DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool system of solutions that allows for Ethernet control of a lighting fixture. In addition to all the functions DMXcat users currently enjoy, including utilization of the DMXcat free smartphone application for iPhone and Android to plan, install, operate, and maintain theatrical and studio lighting equipment, DMXcat-E allows users to view and send Ethernet protocols, including ArtNet and Streaming ACN (sACN).

The new! DMXcat-E also allows users to perform cable testing of 5-pin XLR and Ethernet cables via an included external remote. DMXcat-E can read SMPTE timecode as well as MIDI timecode and regular MIDI for audio and other entertainment projects. DMXcat-E uses bookmarking of timecode and save to file functions for ease of use. DMXcat-E also allows users to view DMX timings and PoE voltages. The DMXcat-E hardware is complete with a flashlight, buzzer, and USB-C charging. As more manufacturers implement RDM Net into their fixtures, the DMXcat-E is ready to be the essential test tool for the future of lighting.


Key topics covered in this Test Tools for Wireless DMX Webinar include:

• 6:08: Radio Theory
• 22:45: DMXcat
• 27:04: Simple wireless DMX setup

Robert Thorpe, Lighting Designer, Rowan University:

"DMXcat made it very easy to troubleshoot, and made it all possible for this project."

Rowan University Case Study





radioscan spectrum analyzer banner

RadioScan with Multiverse SHoW IDs showing on screen
RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer
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RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer


Part Number: 5988

Easily Visualize Radio Energy and Create Broadcast Plans

RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer is a 900MHz and 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer (includes a RadioScan hardware dongle and accompanying free RadioScan software) that enables you to easily visualize radio energy that is otherwise invisible to you. Using RadioScan helps you to create a broadcast plan that optimizes available spectrum in your area, and helps prevent interference with other mission critical radio devices near you.

RadioScan shows all radio activity near you in your chosen frequency, including frequency hopping gear like wireless DMX, as well as Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, wireless headsets, video transmitters, cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwave ovens. RadioScan can view spectrum data either in Spectrogram View or Waterfall View, and snapshots can be taken of both in the program. Scans of any length can be recorded, saved, emailed and played back with the RadioScan software, without the need for the RadioScan hardware dongle.

For users of Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM products, RadioScan will guide you in creating the optimum broadcast plan for your production.



Key topics covered in the RadioScan Webinar include:

• 5:37: Radio Theory 
• 10:08: Setting up RadioScan 
• 20:49: Developing a broadcast strategy
• 23:07: Performing a site survey

Company on Broadway

"RadioScan is an affordable tool that has been missing from my toolbox for years. Other spectrum analyzers are either extremely expensive or cumbersome to use. With over 14 Multiverse receivers running nine universes of wireless DMX, much of the lighting system relies on RadioScan."

Company Broadway Case Study





Multiverse Antenna

Multiverse SHoW Baby, Attach Screws
Wireless DMX Accessories
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Wireless DMX Accessories, including Antennas

Enhancing the performance of Multiverse® Wireless DMX/RDM products

City Theatrical Wireless DMX Accessories, including Antennas, enhance the performance of Multiverse® Wireless DMX/RDM products, such as the Multiverse SHoW Baby®, Multiverse Node, Multiverse Vero, Multiverse Studio Receiver, and Multiverse Transmitter, as well as SHoW DMX Vero® and other legacy wireless DMX products by City Theatrical, including SHoW DMX SHoW Baby® or SHoW DMX Neo® with Maximum Bandwidth Technology™.

These wireless DMX accessories can also be helpful if you're looking to replace parts that came with the product in the original box.

Onboard Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM at The Fisher Center at Belmont University

Find out how the lighting team at Belmont University uses one Multiverse Transmitter to broadcast wireless DMX to ten freestanding Tomcat Dance Towers, each containing three to five ETC Source Four Series 3 LED light fixtures with onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology as standard, to provide light for major concerts, plays, operas, and more.

Read Fisher Center case study Q&A



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