Custom GLP Top Hats for Crazy for You London

Custom Manufacturing for GLP FUSION X-PAR 12 Z Top Hats for the lighting design for this new show on the West End


Every month, City Theatrical creates dozens of custom manufacturing projects for customers all over the world. These projects include entertainment lighting, architectural lighting, and OEM development projects for other companies. Custom projects give us a chance to use all of our experience, knowledge, and capabilities.

For Crazy For You London at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, the show's lighting designer, Ken Billington, required custom Top Hats to provide beam control for GLP FUSION X-PAR 12 Z fixtures. We custom manufactured the GLP Top Hats in our Carlstadt, New Jersey factory using steel to meet the size specifications to fit the fixture and provide a durable beam control solution that would last.



Custom City Theatrical Top Hats for GLP FUSION X-PAR 12 Z:




A note from Ken Billington on the custom manufacturing process:


“The GLP Fusion X-PAR 12Z fixture was new to the inventory of PRG UK. It is a good light for the needs of the Crazy for You London show, but I was worried about light spill on several painted drops that were hanging just upstage of the electric pipes. A City Theatrical Top Hat was the perfect answer, but with an odd size frame holder, it was necessary to have them custom made by City Theatrical.”

- Ken Billington, Lighting Designer, Crazy for You London

“A fixture was delivered to the City Theatrical shop and this custom GLP Fusion X-PAR 12Z Top Hat was born. Since City Theatrical was created in 1986, they have been building all sorts of custom pieces for me and are a great asset to have in my design toolkit.”

- Ken Billington, Lighting Designer, Crazy for You London


Crazy for You London Production Photos by Johan Persson.

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Lighting and Scenic Credits for Crazy for You London:


Lighting Designer: Ken Billington

Associate Lighting Designer: Dale Driscoll

Lighting Design Placement: Lucy Adams

Programmer: Rob Halliday

Head of Lighting for Gillian Lynne Theatre: Alex Matthews

Senior Show Electricians: Mary Crook, Helen Trow, and Paul Lennox

Follow Spot Operators: Sinead Brouder, Seonyoung Lee, and Andrew Greg

Production Electricians: Gerry Aimes, Chris Dunford, Simon Sherrif, James Leatherby, and Richard Parker

Lighting Package: PRG

Scenic Designer: Beowulf Boritt

Associate Set Designer: Ben Davis

Scenery Fabrication: TR2

Prop Fabrication: Johnathan Hall for Marcus Hall Props


Products by City Theatrical include: Multiverse® SHoW Baby® wireless DMX/RDM, Standard Top Hats, Custom GLP FUSION X-PAR 12 Z Top Hats, Concentric Rings, Safer Sidearms™, and Blacktak™ Light Mask Foil. Software used includes Moving Light Assistant™.

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