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    RadioScan™ Spectrum Analyzer (P/N 5988): RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer is a 900MHz and 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer (includes a RadioScan hardware dongle and accompanying free RadioScan software) that enables you to easily visualize radio energy that is otherwise invisible to you. Using RadioScan helps you to create a broadcast plan that optimizes available spectrum in your area, and helps prevent interference with other mission critical radio devices near you.

    RadioScan shows all radio activity near you in your chosen frequency, including frequency hopping gear like wireless DMX, as well as Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, wireless headsets, video transmitters, cordless phones, baby monitors, and microwave ovens. RadioScan can view spectrum data either in Spectrogram View or Waterfall View, and snapshots can be taken of both in the program. Scans of any length can be recorded, saved, emailed and played back with the RadioScan software, without the need for the RadioScan hardware dongle.

    By identifying SSIDs, broadcast channel, and the signal strength of wireless networks, RadioScan can help IT departments setup, maintain, and troubleshoot their wireless installations.

    For users of
    Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM products
    , RadioScan will guide you in creating the optimum broadcast plan for your production.

    RadioScan Software Program Icon for Mac or PC     RadioScan is compatible with both PC and MAC computers.

    The RadioScan software program is available a free download, in the downloads tab below.

    Key topics covered in the RadioScan training webinar video:
    5:37: Radio Theory 
    10:08: Setting up RadioScan
    20:49: Developing a broadcast strategy
    23:07: Performing a site survey



    - 900MHz and 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer with dual band antenna

    - Finds all radio activity nearby in chosen spectrum

    - Identifies SSID and signal strength of Wi-Fi networks

    - Shows either Spectrogram or Waterfall view

    - Can record and play back scans of unlimited length

    - Takes and saves snapshots

    - Records text notes on scans

    - Prompts Multiverse SHoW IDs

    - Compatible with PC and Mac computers (USB to USB-C cable provided)

    - Designed and built in the USA by City Theatrical



    Physical Specifications



    902-928MHz and 2.4-2.483GHz

    Size (not including antenna)

    2.0" (50mm) L x 2.0" (50mm) W x 0.5" (25mm) H

    Length with antenna fully extended

    7.4375" (188.9mm)


    Detachable external omnidirectional broadband, 2dBi 900MHz, 4dBi 2.4GHz


    NEMA 4 IP20 ABS Plastic

    Power/Data Connector

    USB-C with 1m (39.37”) USB-A to USB-C cable


    Computer Requirements

    Computer Requirements

    Windows 10 / Mac OS 10.15 or higher

    Display resolution


    Wi-Fi Radio

    Internal or USB Wi-Fi adaptor

    USB Port

    1.1 or better




    Product Information


    City Theatrical RadioScan software program

    Use Environment



    One year

    Manufacturing Origin


    FCC, IC, CE, RoHS


    RadioScan Features video, including three pre-recorded live demos

    Key topics covered in the RadioScan training webinar video: 
    • 5:37: Radio Theory 
    • 10:08: Setting up RadioScan
    • 20:49: Developing a broadcast strategy
    • 23:07: Performing a site survey

    Key topics in the Test Tools to Improve Wireless DMX webinar include:
    6:08 - Radio Theory
    22:45 - DMXcat
    27:04 - Simple wireless DMX setup


    RadioScan rendering top and bottom

    RadioScan Multiverse screen

    Set Up RadioScan Square SSID scan

    RadioScan Multiverse layout
    Multiverse SHoW ID Selector

    Identify SSID and Signal Strength of Wi-Fi Networks
    Identify SSID and Signal Strength of Wi-Fi Networks

    RadioScan Spectrogram View
    RadioScan in Spectrogram View

    RadioScan Waterfall View
    RadioScan in Waterfall View

    USBC port in RadioScan

    RadioScan USBC plug


    RadioScan Cut Sheet and User's Manual:

    5988 RadioScan cut sheet 5988 RadioScan User's Manual

    Cut Sheet (5988) for USA / UK User's Manual (5988)

    Free RadioScan Software Downloads:
    Instructions to download: Please RIGHT CLICK on a software link below, based on whether you use Windows or Mac computer. Select "Open link in new window" from the drop down. Once the link is opened in a new browser, press "Enter" to start the download.

    RadioScan Software Program for Windows
    RadioScan Software Program for MacOS

    Software Program for Windows v1.
    Software Program for MacOS v1.

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