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City Theatrical uses Mean Well and other fine LED Power Supplies to power LED tape. The power supply must be matched in both voltage and wattage to the LED tape project you are specifying, and this is often a difficult and confusing moment for lighting users. Call us for help in designing and laying out your project. We can talk you through it and help you put your order together.


24V Power Supplies, Indoor:

Mean Well 24V Power Supplies are used to power 24V LED tape in an indoor setting. This Power Supply's voltage and wattage must be matched in both to the LED tape project you are specifying.

Part Number Product Name
RSP-75-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 75W, 24V
RSP-75-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 75W, 24V  
RSP-150-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 150W, 24V
RSP-150-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 150W, 24V  
RSP-320-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 320W, 24V
RSP-320-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 320W, 24V  
RSP-500-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 480W, 24V
RSP-500-24 Power Supply, Mean Well, 480W, 24V  



24V Power Supplies, Outdoor:

HLG Series by Mean Well 24V Outdoor Power Supplies are fanless, making them perfect for areas where silent operation is critical, such as studios. These Power Supplies are in the HLG series, and are used to power 24V LED tapes. Their IP65 - 67 rating allows for indoor or outdoor use in all weather conditions, and are auto ranging from 90-305 VAC.

Part Number Product Name
HLG-80H-24A Power Supply, HLG Series by Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 80W, 24V
HLG-80H-24A Power Supply, Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 80W, 24V  
HLG-150H-24A Power Supply, HLG Series by Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 150W, 24V
HLG-150H-24A Power Supply, Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 150W, 24V  
HLG-240H-24A Power Supply, HLG Series by Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 240W, 24V
HLG-240H-24A Power Supply, Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 240W, 24V  
HLG-320H-24A Power Supply, HLG Series by Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 320W, 24V
HLG-320H-24A Power Supply, Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 320W, 24V  
HLG-600H-24A Power Supply, HLG Series by Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 600W, 24V
HLG-600H-24A Power Supply, Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor Rated, 600W, 24V  



12V Power Supplies, Indoor:

Mean Well 12V Power Supplies are used to power 12V LED tape. This Power Supply's voltage and wattage must be matched in both to the LED tape project you are specifying.

Part Number Product Name
AD-24-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 24W, 12V, Wall Mount
AD-24-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 24W, 12V, Wall Mount  
RSP-75-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 75W, 12V
RSP-75-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 75W, 12V  
RSP-150-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 150W, 12V
RSP-150-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 150W, 12V  
RSP-320-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 320W, 12V
RSP-320-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 320W, 12V  
RSP-500-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 480W, 12V
RSP-500-12 Power Supply, Mean Well, 480W, 12V  


Additional Information

24V Power Supplies, Mean Well, Indoor: 


Part Number RSP-150-24 RSP-500-12 RSP-500-24 RSP-75-24
Configuration Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed
Current, Output 6.3A 41.7A 21A 3.2A
Length 199mm (7.83”) 230mm (9.06”) 230mm (9.06”) 159mm (6.25”)
Width 99mm (3.89”) 127mm (5.00”) 127mm (5.00”) 97mm (3.82”)
Height 30mm (1.18”) 40.5mm (1.59”) 40.5mm (1.59”) 30mm (1.18”)
Mounting Type Panel Panel Panel Panel
Number of Outputs 1 1 1 1
Output 6.3A 41.7A 21A 3.2A
Power, Output 151.2W 500.4 W 504W 76.8W
Primary Type AC-DC AC-DC AC-DC AC-DC
Type Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial
Voltage, Input 85-264 VAC 85-264 VAC 85-264 VAC 85-264 VAC
Voltage, Output 24 VDC  12 VDC  24 VDC  24 VDC 


24V Power Supplies, HLG Series by Mean Well, Fanless, Outdoor:


Part Number HLG-80H-24A HLG-150H-24A HLG-240H-24A HLG-320H-24A HLG-600H-24A
Configuration Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed
Current, Output 3.4A 6.3A 10A 13.34A 25A
Length 195.6mm (7.7") 228mm (8.98”) 244.2mm (9.61”) 252mm (9.92”) 280mm (11.02”)
Width 61.5mm (2.42") 68mm (2.68”) 68mm (2.68”) 90mm (3.54”) 144mm (5.67”)
Height 38.8mm (1.53") 38.8mm (1.53”) 38.8mm (1.53”)  43.8mm (1.72”) 48.5mm (1.91”)
Mounting Type Panel Panel Panel Panel Panel
Number of Outputs 1 1 1 1 1
Output 3.4A 6.3A 10A 13.34A 25A
Power, Output 80W 150W 240W 320W 600W
Type Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial
Voltage, Input 90-305 VAC 90-305 VAC 90-305 VAC 90-305 VAC 90-305 VAC
Voltage, Output 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC


12V Power Supplies, Mean Well, Indoor:


Part NumberAD-24-12RSP-75-12RSP-150-12 RSP-320-12 RSP-320-24
Current, Output2A6.3 A12.5 A26.7A13.4A
Length76.2mm (3.00")159mm (6.25”)199mm (7.83”)215mm (8.46”)215mm (8.46”)
Width38mm (1.5")97mm (3.82”)99mm (3.89”)115mm (4.52”)115mm (4.52”)
Height76.2mm (3.00")30mm (1.18”)30mm (1.18”)30mm (1.18”)30mm (1.18”)
Mounting TypeWall PlugPanelPanelPanelPanel
Number of Outputs11111
Power, Output75W75.6W150W320.4W321.6W
Voltage, Input100-240 VAC85-264 VAC85-264 VAC88-264 VAC88-264 VAC
Voltage, Output12 VDC12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC 24 VDC 


Title Description
pdf QolorFLEX® Quad Chip Tape, QolorFLEX Connect 10s, Power Supplies, Ribbon Cables, and Connectors at Olde Raleigh Distillery in Zebulon, North Carolina

As part of a renovation project at Olde Raleigh Distillery, the design and fabrication team from Design Dimension Inc. was looking to add a lighting element that would be an eye-catching centerpiece to bring light to a dark wall in the distillery, as well as become a place to display and store their merchandise. They came up with a design that included 184 real glass bottles in front of an LED light box - the perfect addition to add light, dimension and fun to the distillery space.

As the team began work on the project, they found that the most challenging aspect was creating a uniform glow, with no hot spots, over a large surface area. The client also wanted the ability to change color and match the existing lighting in the space. They knew that their ideal LED tape option for this project would not only provide even light and color from every LED to match the design specifications, but also offer color changing options and warm white color matching to fit the space.

The design and fabrication team from Design Dimension Inc. chose QolorFLEX Quad Chip RGB+Warm White LED Tape (P/N 5050-24-Q-RGBWW-60-5-20-1) to meet the unique challenges of this installation, and installed eight reels of it into an aluminum channel with a milky diffuser pointed straight out at the viewer, thus creating large shadow box, to achieve the desired multidimensional look.

“The client wanted the ability to change color as well as match the existing lighting in the space. QolorFLEX Quad Chip RGBWW LED Tape was the right product for the job.” - Andrew Domanski, Fabricator/Designer, Design Dimension Inc

pdf QolorFLEX LED Tape, QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers, and Connect 10s at ESPN Studio Y in Bristol, CT

the back wall, behind the performers on stage. We wanted a bright neon sign that could change color, and be able to tour with the show. QolorFLEX NuNeon gives us what we wanted and needed – something bright, and colorful, with the flexibility and durability to last through our upcoming tour. We can have the sign stand out, or recede, based on similar or contrasting light color of the back wall. It is super bright, and really pops when we want it to. It gives us many layers of options.

Ben Jacobson, Project Manager, Mystic Scenic Studios

pdf QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape,QolorFLEX 24x3A Dimmers, and LED Power Supplies at Bradley University’s Dingeldine Music Hall in Peoria, Illinois

With only eight PAR Can Lights illuminating the stage of the historic Dingeldine Music Hall at Bradley University, designers Kevin Mikolajczak and Alanis Nash set out to devise a plan that could enhance the lighting experience of patrons and performers alike, while maintaining the beauty of the original architecture of the space.

The hall’s design featured structural overhangs that created large shadowed areas, making it difficult for musicians to read their music. The team decided that adding LED tape under the overhang that rests above the stage would not only brighten up the stage for enhanced performances, but could also help the performers put on a better show.

Along with the help of a team of USITT members, they decided RGBWWCW tape would provide the beauty and functionality they were looking for, all in one strip.

Six reels of QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape controlled by QolorFLEX 24x3A Dimmers were installed above the stage to illuminate and modernize the performance space with colorful RGB and Adjustable White (WWCW) options, easily modified to meet the needs of each performance.

“Adding QolorFLEX to the space made the venue feel like new - providing us with versatile, simple lighting that allows us to add mood to the space easily and quickly.” - Kevin Mikolajczak, Lighting Design + Production Consultant

pdf QolorFLEX NuNeon, NW and Meanwell Power Supplies at Holiday Star Installation at St. Michael’s Parish Church in Edinburgh, Scotland

As part of an ongoing tradition to celebrate Christmas at St Michael’s Parish Church of Scotland, the production team at Blue Parrot was commissioned to refurbish the star that is installed annually above the church for the Edinburgh community to see and enjoy – just in time for Christmas.

The production team custom made an aluminum frame in the shape of a star and was looking for an LED product that would be flexible enough to cover it, yet bright enough to be seen throughout the city. They also required a power supply that could work seamlessly with the selected LED product.

At a height of 160 feet above the ground, the ideal LED solution would also be IP67 rated and rugged enough to withstand the winds and extreme temperatures of winter weather in Scotland.

City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX NuNeon, Natural White and 150w Mean Well Power Supply were selected as the solution for this project and can be seen shining above the church tower at night throughout the holiday season.

“There is no other product on the market that came close to meeting all of our needs. With QolorFLEX NuNeon, the star shines incredibly brightly, and comments have already started to flood in on how effective it looks. We are delighted with the final result.” - Mike Somerville, Head of Productions, Blue Parrot

pdf QolorFLEX NuNeon, RGB, QolorFLEX RGB LED Tape, QolorFLEX 4x2.5A Dimmers, and Power Supplies in Macy’s Herald Square “Believe In Wonder” Holiday Windows in New York, New York

As their seventh time creating the holiday windows for Macy’s Herald Square, the creative team from Standard Transmission worked closely with Macy’s Visual Merchandising department to develop a design concept that tied in with Macy’s national holiday 2019 marketing campaign, “Believe in Wonder”. This year’s aesthetic was meant to have a high end look and feel, using more accent lighting and neon as a central element.

With six 15’ x 8’ x 6’ windows to fill, the creative team was tasked with reducing the scale of their inspirations, like Times Square and opera in New York, to fit inside these “small stages” and tell a story. Half of the window designs required extensive use of neon, and they sought an LED neon replacement product that could bend easily, be bright enough to transition from day to night, and could be programmed to change color upon button press by passersby.

City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX NuNeon was selected to provide the brightness and interactivity the team was looking for. Three of the windows called for a total of 32 reels of RGB and 11 reels of single color QolorFLEX NuNeon - almost 300 feet in total. Ten QolorFLEX wireless DMX Dimmers provided dimming control to help bring interactive lighting effects to life.

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