Multiverse® Wireless DMX/RDM Technology at the University of Georgia


With red being the school color at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, ETC and Barbizon Lighting Company sought to upgrade the school's Marketing and Communications Studio with lighting that ranged to deep red hues using fos/4 Panel and Desire Fresnel lighting fixtures, which came equipped with City Theatrical’s onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology. Once the UGA team found success with the new lighting system in the studio, they also performed a similar upgrade for Mahler Hall, a multi-function auditorium and meeting space on the same campus, in which the built-in Multiverse wireless DMX capability of the ETC fixtures offered savings in time and data cable costs for the university.

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Onboard Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM at the University of Georgia




The Studio at University of Georgia. Photos Courtesy of ETC.


Project Name: Onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM built into ETC fos/4 Panels and Desire Fresnels at UGA

University of Georgia campus locations:

  • Marketing and Communications Studio
  • Mahler Hall
Location:  Athens, Georgia 
Project Completion Date: September 2023
Lighting Package and Fabrication: Barbizon Lighting
City Theatrical Solution(s):  





The University of Georgia (UGA) requested an upgrade for the Marketing and Communications Studio lighting rig to include ETC lighting fixtures that produce deep red toned lighting and onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology. 

The team from UGA worked with Josh Fisher, Systems Integrator for Barbizon’s Atlanta office, and in turn specified ETC Desire Fresnels and fos/4 Panels for their deep red tone, as well as the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology offered as an onboard feature. Wireless DMX was integral to the project for its ease of use for future broadcasts for student productions.


UGA-Studio-fos4 banner

ETC fos/4 Panels featuring onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology at UGA's studio


"The color sold the job, but the integrated Multiverse wireless technology was integral to the job.”


- Josh Fisher, Systems Integrator, Barbizon Lighting, Atlanta office


City Theatrical's Multiverse Transmitter is being used to transmit wireless DMX/RDM to the onboard Multiverse receiver technology inside a full complement of fos/4 PanelsDesire Fresnels and ColorSource CYC fixtures in the studio’s new lighting rig to fulfill the lighting needs of the department.

The Multiverse Transmitter can send DMX data wirelessly over distances of 300 feet indoors, easily reaching every area of the studio. The team will also use its multi-universe capacity to send DMX data to up to 10 universes, among the various fixtures, simultaneously.



Multiverse Transmitter 900MHz/2.4GHz (P/N 5910) at UGA's Marketing and Communications Studio



“The beauty of this lighting system lies in the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM connectivity. The only cable is from the console to a City Theatrical Multiverse Transmitter. After that, it’s all wireless DMX.”

- Josh Fisher, Systems Integrator, Barbizon Lighting, Atlanta office

SOLUTION (Continued)

Upon a successful wireless DMX installation in the Marketing and Communications Studio, the team at UGA and Barbizon expanded the project to include lighting upgrades to Mahler Hall, a multi-function auditorium and meeting space on the same campus.

The lighting upgrades were based on the UGA team's goal of trading in their incandescent system to LED with a new console. The built-in Multiverse wireless DMX capability of the ETC fixtures offered huge savings in time and data cable costs.

The new system at Mahler Hall uses 18 ColorSource Spot V fixtures and 5  ColorSource Fresnel V fixtures  – and no new DMX cabling runs. The retrofit was effective in placing new, high-impact fixtures in hard-to-reach places giving better light and more control to the largest event space in the Georgia Center.

The upgrade was designed, built, and installed by the locally based Atlanta office of Barbizon Lighting.






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