City Theatrical's QolorFLEX® LED Tape and Accessories at Romanza Italian Restaurant at the Peppermill in Reno, Nevada, USA 

Completed in October 2021, Lighting Designer John Priebe and the team were looking to highlight and enhance the three-dimensional layers of clouds in the ceiling at Romanza, which is an Italian restaurant at the Peppermill in Reno, Nevada. Learn how they used 21 of QolorFLEX LED Tape, 5-in-1 LED Tape, RGBACW to provide the lighting effect they needed in this City Theatrical case study.



Romanza, Peppermill, Reno Entry LR Banner

Romanza Restaurant at Peppermill Casino, Reno, Nevada. Photo courtesy of John Priebe.


QolorFLEX LED Tape, Dimmers, and Accessories for Romanza Restaurant at Peppermill in Reno, Nevada, USA. 



Romanza, Peppermill, Reno Entry LR Banner
Fire color scheme at Romanza. Photo courtesty of John Priebe


Location: Romanza, Peppermill, Reno, Nevada, USA 
Project Start Date:  May 2021
Project Completion Date:  October 2021
Executive Director of Entertainment: Joe Ness
Lighting Designer:  John Priebe
Lighting Assistant Bruce Olguin
Rigger:  Adam Weisshaar
Lighting Package:  4Wall Entertainment
City Theatrical Solutions: 




Home to the finest Italian cuisine Reno has to offer, Romanza is dedicated to the art of handcrafted meals and authentic flavors. Watch as master chefs skillfully prepare each course in the exhibition kitchen, combining locally-sourced ingredients with premium meats and seafood to transport guests straight to old-world Italy. Romanza’s pastas are handmade daily from age-old recipes, and the wine list overflows with exclusive options straight from Tuscan wineries. 

Accompanying the tantalizing menu is an unparalleled atmosphere of Roman opulence. Set under an enchanted dome, Romanza’s overhead sky scene drifts from starry twilight to a delicately lit dawn, choreographed to classic Italian music. Classic sculptures and Corinthian columns topped with torches add to the experience, one that is sure to leave a lasting impression. 




Romanza, Peppermill, Reno Day LR Banner

Photo courtesy of John Priebe




City Theatrical (CT): What were you looking to achieve with LED tape in this design for Romanza?

 John Priebe (JP): We were looking to highlight and enhance the three-dimensional layers of clouds in the ceiling at Romanza, which is an Italian restaurant that has been at the Peppermill for a long time. This QolorFLEX installation to backlight the ceiling clouds is a retrofit installation, in which we sought to replace existing, dull-looking LED tape with new, beautiful QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape technology.

The QolorFLEX LED Tape we selected, the 5-in-1 RGB + Amber + Cool White tape, was chosen for its color control and brightness. We only light it at 25%, both day or night, due to the fine dining overhead location, and it is such a bright and beautiful tape that even that much is enough, and substantially more light than the existing tape that was used.  

We use the QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape to change colors and therefore the mood of the restaurant using a design that runs for a half hour long. It switches scenes and colors with very subtle dimming curves, and ranges from fiery warm hues to cool daylight tones. The QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape had great color control features such that we were able to match it perfectly with the remaining lighting in the space, as well as 20 Anolis Eminere uplighters and 54 MC4s, for a seamless half hour long lighting design story.


CT: Were there any unique challenges with this installation? 

JP: Working in the overhead dome was a challenge. The restaurant was open while we were doing this installation, so we were only able to work on it for the full day during off days, like Monday, or before the dinner crowd. And working in such a way, around a fine dining restaurant, we couldn’t leave any messes – we had to move tables around and cover everything when we worked on the installation.


Romanza, Peppermill, Reno Fire2 LR Banner

Photo courtesy of John Priebe

CT: Why QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape work best for this retro installation?

 JP: Before, there was LED tape in the coves that was very dim. We wanted something brighter to highlight the clouds and fill in the space, to give the ceiling more depth. We used two rows of QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape and it did the job well.


CT: Why did you use QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers?

 JP: The QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers helped us achieve what we were looking for, even at the ends of the dimming curves. We used one dimmer to provide dimming control for 5 reels of tape each. They dim and change color wonderfully. They’ve been there since 2021, and they are still there, running well, today! The system has worked out great for us.

“QolorFLEX allowed us to create a massive, insane difference to our Romanza dining space. It is night and day from the LED tape we had installed before. The colors match all the other fixtures in the space perfectly. It has helped us to define the cloud structure and add elegance and beauty to the experience. Both our customers and owners were extremely happy with it.”

- John Priebe, Lighting Designer, Peppermill Reno

CT: Why did you use QolorFLEX Connect 10?

 JP: The QolorFLEX Connect 10s helped us stay organized in our LED tape installation.

 There are three positions where we could put the dimmers up in the ceiling. When we did that, we had to figure out what layer we were putting where. We installed the dimmers individually. The QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape connects to the QolorFLEX Connect 10s, and then to the QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers.

 The QolorFLEX Connect 10s made the testing easier, in the three locations, so we were able to test each location individually. The wiring is so neat and tidy, and could be inspected right there at the QolorFLEX Connect 10, and we know if it was right or not. Makes life very easy and saved us a lot of time.


CT: What was it like working with QolorFLEX? 

JP: QolorFLEX was very simple and straightforward for this LED tape installation. Putting the connectors on was great. In nearly three years, we have not had to replace anything – it is all working perfectly and appreciated very much by our fine dining guests.


CT: Any learnings from this project?

JP: The main thing I learned is that QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape is great, the colors are beautiful, and it is easy to work with. We will use it for more installations in the future for sure.

In fact, we recently purchased QolorPIX and are excited to try out pixel control on the sides of the DJ video wall. It will match what’s on the video wall perfectly and add cool dynamic effects.

Before and After QolorFLEX LED Tape at Romanza

Before and After QolorFLEX LED Tape linear lighting at Romanza. Photos courtesy of John Priebe




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