Employee Spotlight: Peter Nikel
April 2023

Peter Nickel

Peter Nikel

During April 2023, we talked to Peter Nikel, our Electronics Assembly Manager, to learn more about his experience working with City Theatrical since 2013.

The following Q&A explores what it's like to work at City Theatrical, according to Peter.

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"Excellence at City Theatrical is about the ability to do anything, and get it done no matter how odd the request may seem. City Theatrical has helped me learn problem solving through creative redirection and the ability to multitask between projects."

- Peter NIkel, Electronics Assembly Manager, City Theatrical

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Peter Nikel custom cutting QolorPIX pixel tape Feb 2020

Peter Nikel working on QolorPIX Pixel Tape strips for a custom order placed during February 2020.


“City Theatrical has a history of excellence and perseverance, leading to a culture of innovation and an unending drive to see the next light on the horizon. For the past 10 years, I have done almost every job on the shop floor. My favorite is solder work. I was recently promoted to our Electronics Assembly Manager, and I now manage the people and machinery that make the cutting-edge heart of our electronics.”

- Peter Nikel, Electronics Assembly Manager, City Theatrical


Read the full Employee Spotlight featuring Peter Nikel.