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QolorFLEX® 5x8A Dimmer

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QolorFLEX® 5x8A Dimmer (P/N 5809): QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmers are designed to operate perfectly with City Theatrical’s QolorFLEX LED tape for professional use on Broadway, television and film, and architectural lighting installations.

The QolorFLEX 5x8A  Dimmer can control a full 40A of LED tape spread 8A each.  This allows the control of unique combinations of LED tape, such as QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape (five channels), RGBX tape (four channels), RGB tape (three channels), bi-color tape (two channels), and/or a single color tape (one channel) together in one unit. 

The QolorFLEX 5X8A Dimmer uses constant voltage technology 
to ensure consistent full range dimming, which is especially important at low end light levels. An easy-to-read onboard display and four-button user interface allows selection and control of six functions, including:
1. Setting DMX addresses.
2. Setting quantity of DMX 
3. Selecting 8 or 16 bit output resolution.
4. Setting 
PWM frequency (500Hz to 30KHz).
5. Setting output 
dimming curve values for matching the dimming curves of other dimmers in use.
6. Setting the device’s operating 
profile, and setting stand alone modes. 

The unit requires a separate power supply providing input voltage of 12-24VDC. The maximum current load per channel is 8A with a maximum device output of 40A.All QolorFLEX 5X8A Dimmers are RDM capable.

Description Part Number
QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmer 5809

QolorFLEX at Yale University Case Study


 CTI Part Number:  

 Maximum Current per device:   40A
 Maximum load per output channel:   8A
 User Interface:   4 button, plus alpha/numeric display 
Output channels:   User selectable of one to five 
 Resolution:   User selectable- 8 bit or 16 bit 
 PWM Frequencies:   User selectable- 500Hz to 30KHz 
 Dimming Curves:   User selectable- 99 
 DMX Connections:   5-Pin XLR, RJ45, Screw Terminals
 RDM capable:   Yes
 Construction:   NEMA 1 IP 20 steel enclosure 
 Compliance:   CE, RoHS, FCC 
 Weight  .851bs (.39 kg) 
 Dimensions  2.88"(73mm) W x 6.5" (165mm) L x 1.5"(38mm) H 




QolorFLEX 5x8A Dimmer (5809)

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