Multiverse Wireless DMX/RDM Webinar Series

Discover more about Multiverse technology and future of wireless DMX in the lighting world in our Multiverse Wireless DMX Webinar Series. The series currently includes ten 30-minute webinars ideal for lighting professionals looking to hone their skills for their next wireless DMX/RDM project, and ask questions about wireless DMX directly to the wireless experts at City Theatrical. 


City Theatrical Webinar 7: RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer

City Theatrical's 7th training webinar in the Multiverse® wireless DMX series featured its newest technology, RadioScan® Spectrum Analyzer, on August 20, 2020. RadioScan is a 900MHz and 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer that enables you to easily visualize radio energy that is otherwise invisible to you, to help you create a #broadcast plan that optimizes available spectrum in your area. Additionally, it guides Multiverse wireless DMX users in choosing the best SHoW ID on which to broadcast.
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