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    QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 4x2.5A Dimmer (Legacy Product)

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    The QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 4x2.5A Dimmer is the size of a credit card and ½" thick, making it the smallest full featured dimmer of the four channel dimmers available. With the proven reliability and versatility of our patented SHoW DMX technology included, this dimmer offers unmatched performance with ultra-smooth low-end dimming and flicker free film and video modes.

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    QolorFLEX at IIDA Fashion Show

    Name P/N
    QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 4x2.5A Dimmer  5742M

    QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmer (5742M)
    Case Studies:

    Robin Hood Costume with QolorFLEX Dimmers   QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmers at the IIDA Fashion Show

    Architect Dore + Whittier was submitting a design for the Robin Hood look to the IIDA Fashion Show and reached out to Port Lighting to find out how they could best integrate lighting into the costume. The theme of the show was “portals”, and the design used interior design materials such as jute webbing and burlap from flooring tiles, rockwool insulation, and laser cut pieces of cork flooring. They sought a way to illuminate the jacket and boots by integrating LED tape.

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    Evita at New York City Center
    Photo by Paula Lobo and Leah Portis
      QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmers in Evita at New York City Center

    As a leading center for dance and musical theatre in NYC, New York City Center puts on a wide range of productions annually, some of which call for certain lighting and scenic elements that can be re-purposed into following shows. The creative team behind Evita at NYCC planned to use five already purchased reels of QolorFLEX LED Tape, RGB+Natural White from a previous production to line five archways in the set design. They would also require additional reels of LED tape for other scenic elements, and would need them to be binned to match the exact lighting of the existing LED tape.

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    QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmers at Coolidge Middle School   QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmers in Freaky Friday Presented by Coolidge Middle School in Reading, Massachusetts

    The creative team for a production of Freaky Friday was looking for a way to create an oversized hourglass that would be “broken” in half on stage. This presented one of the largest challenges of the show to the creative team: Designing a prop that could create a magical effect, while using two separate lighting and wireless DMX control systems.

    The hourglass was created in two sections, top and bottom, each controlled by its own concealed QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmer and Mean Well Power Supply. The team used preexisting SHoW Baby units to control the dimmers wirelessly. This allowed the actors to separate the pieces on stage without any interruption to the effect.

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    SHoW DMX Neo Used In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmers in London's West End

    City Theatrical worked closely with UK specialist lighting contractor Howard Eaton to realize the demanding wireless DMX requirements. As well as using SHoW DMX Neo® Transceivers and Receivers, the production marked the first use of the new D2 and D4 Dimmers, now known as QolorFLEX SHoW DMX 4x2.5A Dimmers.

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    QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 4x2.5A Dimmers on the Eurovision Stage

    The outfits have been designed to complement the circular main stage at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria, which is hosting this year's contest. The stage contains a 30m-wide LED screen and 300 metres of LED strips.Electro Velvet have spoken of their delight at their costumes, saying: "The whole Eurovision experience has been illuminating for us, and we can't wait to literally light up on stage in front of the entire world - it's going to be electric!"

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    DMX Control Features

    The QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 4x2.5A Dimmer includes:

    • SHoW DMX Neo 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio (Wireless version)

    Other Features

    All Units Include:

    • Four dimmer output channels
    • Max output per dimmer channel 5A
    • Max total output per device 10A
    • Screw terminal connections for power input and dimmed output
    • Individually protected against over-current
    • Individually protected against over-temperature
    • Individual bump buttons
    • PWM resolution 16-bit
    • Dimming Curves
      • Linear, 60Hz
      • ISL, 60Hz
      • Non-Dim
    • LED Features
      • Five variable LED smoothing rates
      • Four Film and Video Modes
    • Individual DMX addresses
    • Fully RDM enabled


    • NEMA 1 ABS enclosure

      Electronic/ Functional Features

      • Bump Buttons
      • DIP Switch, DMX Addressing (9POS)
      • DIP Switch, SHoW ID addressing (8POS)
      • DIP Switch, Curve Selection (4POS)
      • DIP Switch, LED Curve PWM Frequency Selection (4POS)
      • DIP Switch, DMX Termination (wired DMX units only, 1POS)
      • LED indicators:
        • Dimmer pilot lights (one for each channel)
        • Data (data present)
        • RF Signal Strength (4 LEDS) Low to High
        • Status


      • RoHS Compliant
      • CE Pending
      • FCC Pending


      Power: 7.5-30VDC 10A Max Power Input
      Weight: 0.15 lbs/.08Kg
      Dimensions: 2.25”/57mm W x3.5”/60mmH x 0.56”/14mmD (excluding antenna) 




      Case Studies