When you record the Memories, be conscious of what order you save them as this determines the order they appear in Wall Station Mode. They also appear with the “Name” you give them when saving.  If you’re not happy with the order, from the PLAY task you can use press the EDIT button then reorder the Memories using drag and drop.        

        To setup Wall Station Mode, press the Power button, then Setup, then Wall Station. There are three modes you can lock into: “Button Station”, “Playlist” or “Logo”.  In Button Station setup, you may select the Memory Page to use, how many buttons to display (two, four, eight or twenty), and set a password.  Touch the lock icon to enter Button Station mode. The password is required to exit Button Station mode and return to programming. If no password is set, anyone can unlock the console.  In Playlist setup, you may select which playlist of cues to use, and set a password.  Touch the lock icon to enter Playlist mode, and a GO and PAUSE/BACK button are presented.  All other functions are locked out.  Finally, in Logo setup a password is set and once the lock icon is touched, the console is locked down completely - only the time clock or other external triggers will recall looks.        

          In Button Station mode, the memories you recorded appear in order from left to right. A button with three dots indicates that is part of a Radio Group. Here you see the first four buttons are part of the same grouping and currently “Video” is on. Ballyhoo and Chase are both toggles as indicated by the sliding switch. Ballyhoo is currently active and Chase isn’t. The last two buttons are momentaries and are only active when you have your finger on them. The Unlock feature will be password protected if you entered a password in Setup. If the password is blank, touching the unlock icon takes you back to the programming interface.

While in Wall Station Mode, all of the console’s sliders and buttons are disabled, including the Grand Master. The bump buttons associated with each Memory look shown in Button Station mode will work while in Button Station, and only the Go and Pause buttons work if you lock the console into Playlist mode. And don’t worry, if you forget the password, we have a back door to let you back in - just give us a call.