This example uses a simple indicator light to show whether the console is on or not. This might be a useful thing to have on the stage manager’s panel so when you start your call you can see if someone has already visited the booth. LED indicator lights are tied to the eDIN power supply that runs through the DMX Present relay. When the 1003 detects active DMX, it throws the relay and illuminates the On LED (and the Off LED goes out). 

You may also want to feed the Commons of all the relays through the DMX Present relay if you want to make sure that none of your devices will operate when there is no DMX. Do not exceed the 2A at 30VDC rating of this relay.


In this riser, the LED power supplies will not be energized until there is console feeding valid DMX to the system. In some jurisdictions, you cannot have the phantom loads of switching power supplies present even if the lights are told to go to 0% intensity.