Our years of experience in professional entertainment have taught us that there is more to wireless DMX than just getting data to the stage.  We've created a way to test both the fidelity of the wireless DMX data (how does the data leaving the Receiver compare to the data that entered the Transmitter) and the effect that wireless DMX has on WiFi signals in the area.  These two concepts are of critical importance to every user of wireless DMX. 

Read the SHoW DMX 16 Universe Saturation Test (six page pdf)

Read the SHoW DMX Lab Report (43 page pdf)

See page 43 to read the lab report's conclusion.

We feel that you will be astonished by the data in the lab report.   We've written two short white papers with our analysis of the data that explains why we think SHoW DMX is so radically different from any wireless DMX you may have used, and what this means to you. Our patent pending technology will change the way you think about wireless DMX!

Read our analysis of the Lab Report  Part 1 "The Impact and Benefits of SHoW DMX™ High Data Fidelity" (pdf)

Read our analysis of the Lab Report  Part 2 "The Impact and Benefits of SHoW DMX™ RF Interference Reduction" (pdf)

Read the SHoW DMX sales brochure (pdf)


If you have questions after reading the report, please contact our Head of Engineering, Larry Dunn.