Continued from March 2010 CTI Newsletter

Accessories For Vari-Lite VLX

City Theatrical's role in our industry is to invent, manufacture, and customize unique lighting accessories.  Not everyone uses every accessory we make, but some are of very high importance to some designers.  Each time a new moving light is introduced, designers ask us to look for ways to control its light spill.  Nearly all moving lights have some beam control challenges.  For many designers these light leaks and spill are not important, but for the very demanding world of Broadway and West End theatre, and the tours they generate, light leaks and spill can disrupt a design.

To create new accessories, we ask the manufacturer for one of their fixtures, take it into a dark room and carefully examine it in operation in all of its functions.  Spill is often caused by optical problems, shiny items in the optical train, and the mechanical design of the fixture itself.  Most moving light manufacturers in order to reduce the overall length of the fixture, place the lens at the very front of the fixture, thereby maximizing the potential for spill.  

We then design and craft a solution for that specific moving light.  Many manufacturers now place fasteners on the front bezel of the fixture specifically so City Theatrical can add accessories to it.  We prototype and test the accessory and get feedback from the manufacturer and from lighting designers to be sure it will meet their needs without causing any problems of its own, such as disturbing the balance of the tilt axis, or causing the designer to increase their center to center hanging distance.  

After we have done several rounds of prototypes we go into production and make the accessories available to designers all over the world.  

We enjoy our role as accessory designers and we take it as seriously as the designers we work with.  If you are a designer and have a specific need for moving light accessories or other lighting accessories, email me directly and we'll help you out.  

VLX Accessories

PN2660  VLX Top Hat

PN2661 VLX Louver

PN2660 VLX Top Hat



VLX with PN2661, VLX Louver

PN2661 VLX Louver 

PN2660 showing slot for optional color correction