Continued from October 2007 CTI Newsletter

David Alexander of Teletec de Mexico Uses SHoW DMX in His Lighting of the Uxmal Archeological Site 

In terms of distance and complexity, one of the most demanding jobs that SHoW DMX has been used on is the lighting of the archeological site Uxmal in the state of Yucatan in Mexico.  Although power was available around the site from previous installations, it was not possible to run new DMX cable around the site, and the entire installation needed to depend on reliable wireless DMX.  Long broadcast distances of up to 300 meters in a total site area of 80,000 square meters made this even more difficult.  

CTI distributors Teletec de Mexico and designers Alfredo Escalante Galáz, Eduardo Perez de Heredia and Abel Ake Cante, put together an ambitious new system relying on 400 state of the art LED fixtures controlled by SHoW DMX to blend the ancient and the modern into a breathtaking installation.  

One additional green benefit that came with the beautiful color changing LEDs was the reduction in power consumption from 300,000 watts to 60,000 watts. 

City Theatrical congratulates Teletec De Mexico for their beautiful lighting of this fascinating archeological site. 




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