Continued from November 2011 CTI Newsletter

Showman Fabricators Uses SHoW DMX Dimmers at CNBC Studio

Showman Fabricators needed to build a lot of lightboxes for CNBC Studio using RGBA LED tape – here's how they did it using SHoW DMX Three Channel Dimmers.

We spoke with Grigor Grigorov at Showman Fabricators about their recent CNBC Studio project :

CTI:  Who was involved in the project?:
GG:  The set designer was John Casey, the lighting designer was Bruce Ferri, and Showman’s project manager was Justin Kurtz.

CTI:  Were there specific design, budget, time, or physical constraints that you had to work within?
GG:  For us, the challenge was the quantity of equipment. This was a relatively large-scale use of City Theatrical SHoW DMX dimmers for us – about 70 dimmers were installed into the studio.

CTI:  Which City Theatrical products or services did you use, and why did you decide on them?
GG:  We used the SHoW DMX dimmer for all LED control in both single and triple dimmer personalities. We used SHoW DMX low-voltage dimmers since we have had excellent results using them in the past.

CTI:  Did you do any preliminary testing?
GG:  We fully assembled the scenery and set electrics in the shop prior to installation in the studio.

CTI:  What was your overall experience in working with City Theatrical on your production?
GG:  As always, it was a pleasure to work with City Theatrical on this project! They were very responsive to the few issues that came up.

CTI:  Would you have done anything differently in hindsight?
GG:  In hindsight, we would have taken a modular approach to our use of the SHoW DMX units, rather than tailoring them to their lightbox area. Since the completion of this project, we’ve done just that.