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December 2007 Case Studies for SHoW DMX 

CTI is fortunate to be located just across the Hudson River from New York City, the entertainment capital of the world (well, we may be a little biased about that), and we have contact with many of the largest venues on a daily basis. As soon as our customers heard about our new SHoW DMX system they wanted to try it out on their shows. Here are some of the case studies from last month.

Show: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Production Electrician: Mike LoBue
Venue: St. James Theatre, New York City
Date:  December 2007

System Setup
One SHoW DMX Transmitter was placed one jump above their pinrail and one SHoW DMX Receiver was
placed inside a moving set piece plugged into a surge protector and mounted with Velcro to an interior wall.

Situational Challenges:
-Mike was also using the old WDS system
-The St. James Theater is near several other theaters that also use wireless DMX (all WDS systems) on their shows.
-The Grinch places most of their WiFi on channel 6.
-The Receiver was placed inside an enclosed space.

City Theatrical’s Suggestions to Overcome Situational Challenges:
-We suggested Mike boost the power to 100mW so as to overcome the difficulties of the distance and the enclosed space and kept it at no higher than 100mW so as not to knock out WDS.
-After scanning Mike’s WiFi Environment with NetStumbler, Wireless Monitor, and Channelizer we suggested limiting the bandwidth to WiFi Channels 7-11 to keep out of the most heavily used range which was centered on WiFi Channel 6.

-We achieved a signal strength that was fluctuating between -40 dBm and -60 dBm when the unit was on SL with the Transmitter transmitting from 10 feet above the fly rail on SR.
-We were able to view on Channelizer our SHoW DMX system successfully hopping out of the way of Channel 6.

Show: New Year's Eve in Times Square. MTV Studios
Lighting shop: Scharff Weisberg
Date: 12/31/07
Location: 1515 Broadway and Times Square
User: Scharff Weisberg and MTV, Ron Brodeur and John Healey

System Setup: 
1 Transmitter, 1 Receiver, 2 - 14 dBi panel antennas, 2 Showguns

Situational Challenges: 
The transmitters were transmitting from inside MTV Studios’ building and had to broadcast through glass. MTV Studios’ intercom system is wireless. The MTV Store is below the studios and had WiFi on Channel 6.

City Theatrical’s Suggestions to Overcome Situational Challenges: 
 Performed a WiFi scan to determine least trafficked area of bandwidth. Set power to 125mW to overcome distance and interference obstacles without harming other systems. Client also brought panel antennas to use to help boost his signal strength.

We were able to achieve a signal strength between -70 and -50. The 2 Showgun moving lights worked, performing aerials for MTV’s New Year’s Eve in Time Square

Show: Private birthday party at Jazz at Lincoln Center
Date: 12/14/07
Lighting Shop: 4Wall NJ

System Setup: 
One SHoW DMX Transmitter connected to an Express 250 console. WDS connected to a different console in the Allen room. Various Receivers spread throughout the venue. One encased in a giant copper plated birthday cake bar.

Situational Challenges:
- Over 80 WiFi access points present in the area.
-Venue uses VOIP phones.
-There is a Mac Airport situated right over the Express 250 console.
-Large metal plated birthday cake bar being lit with PDS-750s, that client wanted to control wirelessly.

City Theatrical’s Suggestions to Overcome Situational Challenges:
-We suggested that they place the Transmitter in limited bandwidth mode on WiFi Channels 4-9, because the Airport was operating on Channel 1.
-We suggested that they start at 10 mW and increase the power to suit their range needs, but not go above 100 mW in order to allow the older WDS system to function properly. They ended up putting the output on at 100mW in order to reach the walkway above the main floor of the room.

-SHoW DMX did not clobber the venue's VOIP phones.
-They were able to reach areas they needed to wirelessly transmit DMX.

Do you have any questions on these case studies?  Please contact Andrew Nikel of City Theatrical.

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St. James Theatre, New York City





Stage in Times Square New Years Eve 2007

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Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York City