Continued from March 2008  CTI Newsletter

City Theatrical's 16 Universe Test of SHoW DMX™

CTI continues to provide hard data on the performance of wireless DMX with this groundbreaking report.  For the first time ever, 16 universes of wireless DMX were broadcast under real world conditions, and the data fidelity of the received DMX was recorded.  CTI has proven that our breakthrough SHoW DMX technology can successfully broadcast 16 universes of DMX at a fidelity level suitable for professional lighting.  For the details of the testing and all of the data, please read our SHoW DMX 16 Universe Saturation Test Report.

Click here to read the SHoW DMX 16 Universe Saturation Test Report

and for more data on SHoW DMX,

Click here to read the full SHoW DMX Lab Report

Final test rig setup in a Lyndhurst, New Jersey, baseball field

View from the SHoW DMX Receiver looking toward Transmitter 732' (224m) away.

Another view of the 16 Transmitter SHoW DMX rig with the CTI Wireless DMX Tester (blue) in the center of the lower row. 

A preliminary test in South Hackensack, NJ, at a range of 200' (61m).

CTI Electronics Technician Liz Blessing checks the SHoW DMX Receiver's settings.

CTI's Assistant Head of Engineering Adam Klein sets SHoW DMX Transmitters on a bitterly cold testing day. 

Testing with the New York skyline in the background.  Note the Empire State Building profile just left of the trees in the center of the photo. All tests were conducted within a few miles of midtown Manhattan.

Larry Dunn conducts initial 16 universe testing next to the CTI factory. 

CTI's Head of Engineering Larry Dunn, and Liz Blessing conduct the first rounds of outdoor testing of 16 universes.