Continued from April  2012 CTI Newsletter

Rock of Ages--The Movie

Here's what Mike Baldassari told us about his lighting on the feature film of Rock of Ages:

"The ubiquitous lighting fixture of 80s Hair Metal videos is the Silver PAR 64 Six-Lamp Bar with Octagonal Gel Frames.  I wanted to bring this look in, so I made sure that they were very visible in the Bourbon Room, where about 30% of the film takes place.

I intentionally placed a Six-Lamp Bar vertically on both sides of the stage knowing it would work into a lot of shots, and the Art Department ran with the idea and always included them in the "back stage" areas as set dressing.  However, in the air, I needed a fair number of moving lights, not that they would move on-camera, but to facilitate refocusing between shots.  We outfitted all of the Mac 600 Washes we were using with City Theatrical Concentric Spill Rings that we customized with Silver Octagonal Gel Frames on the front.  So anytime the camera looks into the lighting rig, it looks like more silver pars since you only see the front of the light."


Watch the Rock of Ages movie trailers