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Continued from July 2010 CTI Newsletter

SHoW DMX Case Study:   Around the World in 80 Days at the Norwegian Opera

The world premier of Gisle Kverndokk's and Řystein Wiik's opera Around The World In 80 Days was given in Oslo's beautiful Norwegian Opera House on May 21, 2010.   The lighting design by Franck Evin made use of City Theatrical's SHoW DMX to place lighting inside moving scenic pieces.  We spoke with Lighting Technician Audun Bull-Hanssen. 

CTI:  What were the general parameters and design needs for the project?  
Audun Bull-Hanssen
No cables on the wagons!

CTI: How did you lay out the design?  
Audun Bull-Hanssen We just mounted the receivers on the scenery.

CTI:  Were there specific design, budget or physical constraints that you had to work within?  
Audun Bull-Hanssen  No...

CTI:   Why did you want to use SHoW DMX in this case?  
Audun Bull-HanssenWe have a different wireless DMX product but it didn't work very well in our environment...

CTI:  Did you do any preliminary testing?  
Audun Bull-HanssenI tested the system in the workshop...

CTI:  What settings did you use on the equipment?  
Audun Bull-HanssenWe used the dimmers in LED mode...

CTI: Did you use RDM in the project?  
Audun Bull-HanssenNo.

CTI:  What was your overall experience in working with SHoW DMX on your production?  
Audun Bull-HanssenIt worked very well.  We read the manual and followed the instructions.

CTI:  Would you have done anything differently in hindsight? 
Audun Bull-Hanssen:   Buy more SHoW DMX!!!!!

Other credits:

Photos by Erik Berg
Chief electrician: Jacob Christensen
Board operators and programmers:  Karine Elstad & Jannicke Borg
LED & SHoW DMX technician:  Audun Bull-Hanssen