Continued from October 2007 CTI Newsletter

Interview with Greg Husinko 

When Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer were asked by the management of LeReve a year after the show opened to join the design team and to create a totally new lighting design, they brought in Greg Husinko as their Production Electrician.  Already one of the largest and most technically complicated shows on the strip, Jules, Peggy and their Third Eye Studio team designed and Greg and his crew implemented innovative new effects.  We had a chance to ask Greg a few questions about the show and his role in the production.

CTI:  What exactly is your title on the show and what are you responsible for?

GH:  I was titled the Production Electrician. I did all the layout and coordination with the house tech and electrician ( the wondrous Janene Pettus )  for the new lighting rig whilst maintaining the existing show intact, for the four months between the first dark period and the date the previous show lighting could be removed. Many of the new lighting positions were new to the room and required some engineering and creativity to meet the needs of the lighting design. Of course City Theatrical was very helpful with special hardware and accessories. 

CTI:  How is it different hanging a large Las Vegas show than working on Broadway or on tour?

GH: One of the biggest differences was not using a rental shop and having to order and receive new purchased equipment.  Doing much of the "shop work" in the Theatre and not having that supply of bits you usually bring to the Theatre.  Also building the show into a pre-shaped space rather than a bare stage with the scenery and lighting designed at the same time. 

CTI:  What new lighting was added to the show and why?

GH: The new lighting is about 200 Vari-Lite® 3500/3000. 

CTI:  Describe the “Beach Rail” and its role in the lighting. 

GH: The BR is a new lighting position at the pool level.  It is 36 VL3500s enclosed for water tight integrity. The fixtures are inverted and covered with domes on an angle to the pool.  The fixtures have a great range of motion across the pool and back to the house.  The domes are covered with a dome of CT supplied louver to stop the light from glaring at the audience to make the domes black and keep the domes from shining back from lights that cross at them. 

CTI:  What were the challenges in installing and programming the Beach Rail position?

GH: The enclosed box needed 20 tons of air conditioning and installing the fixtures in an arc to the pool and keeping a one inch or less relationship to the inside of the dome required a bit of alchemy.  

CTI:  What other new technology did you invent or implement for the show?   

GH: Because most locations are circle trusses or some form of truss, and for repeatability, CTI supplied Moving Light Hardware redesigned for a tight arc, with the female part of the connection on the fixture and the male part or puck on the hanging position so that the curve of the position need not turn the slots.

Also new Lycian 3000 watt follow spots with a short throw and small package, to allow them to fit in the spaces in the ceiling the design needed for a nice high angle.

All but a few fixtures and units in the show have a CTI custom louver accessory to make it possible to have the fixture work so well in their circular location and not affect the audience's viewing of the show, this includes follow spots and non Vari-Lite gear. 

Greg Husinko Biography
Greg has worked on many Broadway shows and has traveled the world with dance companies, touring shows and industrials.  He lives with his lovely wife Tina in Montgomery, New York and has two great sons, Nicholas, now an officer in the U.S. Army and Alexander, attending University.  Greg, as Production Electrician, currently has Spring Awakening on Broadway.  Last season he had the pleasure of working with Fisher and Eisenhauer on “Chita Rivera a Dancer’s Life”.  He has been the Production Electrician for “Caroline or Change”, “Sexaholics”, “Show Boat”, “Take Me Out”, “Fame” and on many more shows in many different capacities. He was the Production Electrician in Las Vegas for “Siegfried and Roy” at the Mirage Hotel. Greg is a proud member of Local One and Local 353.



Production Electrician Greg Husinko

The "Beach Rail" utilizes 36 VL3500s under  waterproof domes covered with black louver to make the lights disappear when not on, and to minimize distractions with they are on. 

Beach Rail in action--note seats just an arms length away 

The full Beach Rail surrounding the pool

The incredibly beautiful design in action