SHoW Baby Used in Miss'd America Pageant

“We have used the City Theatrical SHoW DMX in town for years.  The new version with the SHoW Baby was rock solid.”


Miss’d America Pageant
 Description: A fun-filled “drag-queen” version of Miss America
 Location:  Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall 
Show Date:     1/21/12
Production Manager:  Donald W. Earl
Master Electrician:  Greg McGeary
Dan Wright:   Lighting Director

Excerpts from an interview with Robert Thorpe of Earl Girls Inc.

“Our load-in time is only eight hours for a show of this magnitude.  We wanted to go with wireless DMX for this show to help speed up the data runs to all the flying trusses to help bring our labor costs down within the time constraints we had for loadin.
We had three flying trusses loaded with moving lights and effects. Going wireless was the easiest and best choice to get the DMX signal to those locations.

Budget on any show is always an issue.  Anything that we as the Production Company can provide to help make the setup and operation faster and easier translates into savings for the client.   Earl Girls Inc. strives to make our client’s experience a great one.  The more we can do to make our client happy, the more they will want to keep coming back to Atlantic City over and over again in the future. The SHoW Babys saved us an enormous amount of time and hence labor by not needing to run DMX splitters and long runs of DMX cable.

Our shop manager, Ed Keith and Cory Williams (lead production technician) tested the units in our shop from over 200’ using various combinations of consoles, dimmers, moving lights and LED units. 

Earl Girls Inc. also provided a pair of units to Harrah’s Atlantic City for their ballroom.  We had zero issues with any of them and figured this was the way to go for this show. We used six units on this particular show. Using the mounting brackets that come with them, the SHoW Baby units were hung on three flown trusses.We should have used even more of the units on stage left and stage right on the floor.  This would have made the loadin even faster and easier.

Atlantic City is notorious for being crowded with RF signals among all the casinos, hotels, and emergency services.  We have used the City Theatrical SHoW DMX in town for years.  The new version with the SHoW Baby was rock solid.”