We were at the USITT Stage Expo recently and we decided to dress up our booth with a bit of our QolorFLEX LED Tape and our  QolorPoint battery powered LED uplighters.  These photos show you how much color this simple lighting adds to the booth. 

This is exactly what set and lighting designers face every day on their shows in theatres and studios around the world.  Designers are adding nooks and setbacks into their designs specifically to hold LED tape, which can provide depth and accent to their designs. 

Our method was simple.  We just sawed a groove in the cabinets, and snaked LED tape through it.  In some areas we ran flat low voltage ribbon cable under the carpet, and in other areas we used our SHoW DMX wireless DMX to send DMX data to our D4 HP Dimmers, and D4 SHoW DMX Neo Dimmers.

Our glowing lanyards (which we wrote about in a previous newsletter) utilize a D4 Neo Dimmer and are wireless too, cued with the rest of the show.  In fact, all the scenic elements in the show changed color on cue since they were assigned the same DMX addresses and were cued the same. 

We even gave the Ben Nye Makeup team a QolorPoint battery powered LED uplighter to light their banner, which changed color along with our booth.

In all, we found five separate booths operating with SHoW DMX SHoW Baby wireless DMX around the show, all running perfectly on different SHoW IDS. 

If you’d like more info on how we did this, or if you are a designer who wants to learn how to incorporate LED tape and dimmers into your show, give us  a call.

Here’s the booth under the bland overhead lights at the show.  Many of the booths looked something like this. 

Turning on the QolorFLEX LED Tape brings the booth to life 

NuNeon is a flexible, color changing, replacement for neon.   It’s bright and easy to work with. 

The kiosk in front is a place for designers to test different combinations and intensities of our QolorFLEX LED Tape. 

We lent a QolorPoint Battery Powered Uplighter to our neighbors next door, Ben Nye Makeup.