Custom Painted Safer Sidearms

Custom Painted Safer Sidearms™

Challenge:    Client needed Safer Sidearms (P/N 210) that could blend in with a white lighting fixture and ceiling.
Solution:    We custom painted the accessories to match its surrounding equipment and environment.

 Custom Dimmers for Live Events

Custom Dimmers

Project Type:
  Live Events
Challenge:    Client needed custom low voltage dimmer boxes for their preferred lighting fixtures used during live events.
Solution:    We built custom dimmers based on the client's needs.


Custom LED Power Supply Enclosure

Project Type:
  Architectural Installation
Accessory for Fixture Type:    Power Supplies
Challenge:    Client needed an enclosure that could fit the power supplies required for their architectural installation project.
Solution:    We made custom LED power supply enclosures under our ETL Listing for architectural lighting control to suit their power supply specs and overall project needs.


Custom Accessory Holder

Project Type:
  Beam Control Accessory
Challenge:    Client needed an accessory holder to hold two accessories at the same time.
Solution:    We custom built two-slot accessory holders to fit our client's needs.

 Custom black/white GLP X4XL Concentric Rings for a UK show

Custom Painted Concentric Rings for GLP X4XL

Project Type:
  Show in the United Kingdom
Accessory for Fixture Type:    GLP X4XL
Challenge:    Client needed the beam control of concentric rings for GLP fixtures for a performance, and required them to be custom painted black and white.
Solution:    We custom built the concentric rings to meet the size and paint color specifications set by the client.

 Custom Rack Ears

Custom Rack Ears

Accessory for Fixture Type:
Challenge:    Client needed a way to attach 20 low voltage dimmers to a dimmer rack.
Solution:    We developed custom Rack Ears to connect the dimmers to the racks with simple yet durable connectors to screw in at the sides of each panel.

 Inside box: Stock QolorFLEX 4x2.5A SHoW DMX with NEMA ABS enclosure and custom adaptor plate by CTI
Outside of box: Stock QolorFLEX 4x2.5A SHoW DMX with NEMA ABS enclosure and custom adaptor plate by CTI

Custom Outdoor Wireless DMX and Low Voltage Dimmers

Project Type:
  Outdoor Architectural Installation
Accessory for Fixture Type:    String LED Lighting
Challenge:    To find a way to make an indoor dimming and wireless solution work outdoors.
Solution:   We developed a "kit" that included a stock QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 4x2.5A Dimmer, NEMA ABS enclosure (provided by customer), and custom-built adaptor plate to provide the same level of radio reception from within the box as there would be without it, with the protection from the elements needed for this outdoor installation.
Material:    Stainless Steel (for custom plate)

Inside box: TheatricalArchitectural LED PS/Drivers
Outside box: TheatricalArchitectural LED PS/Drivers

Custom Architectural LED PS/Drivers

Project Type:
  Architectural Installation
Accessory for Fixture Type:    LED tape
Challenge:    Client needed a UL compliant enclosure with 0-10 analog control for an architectural installation of LED tape.
Solution:   We custom built two Architectural LED PS/Drivers in an permanent NEMA enclosure, which not only fulfill the client's needs for standard control, but also offer DMX control for easy set up and troubleshooting using a DMXcat, if desired.

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